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Samoa – Landmarks
Samoa has many interesting sights to offer.

One of the highlights of the country is likely the Tia Seu ancient Mound archaeological site. It is the oldest and largest structure in all of Polynesia. It is shaped like a pyramid, the foot of which is sixty meters by sixty-four meters. The height of the pyramid-like building is twelve meters. The pyramid is located exactly on the island of Savaii not far from the Afu Aau waterfall.

Similar buildings can be seen in Tonga.

The churches in the village of Saleaula, submerged in lava, are impressive. The village was swallowed twice by the lava masses of Mount Matavanu in 1905 and 1911. Today you can only visit the ruins of two churches, some of which have been buried by the lava.

Other sacred buildings in Samoa are the Sacred Heart Church in Upolu, the Argelo Tausi Church in Upolu and the Sapapali Methodist Church. Also worth seeing is the tomb in memory of the missionary John Williams, born in 1796 and died in 1839.

Museum lovers shouldn’t miss the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. It is located in the former home of the famous writer in Apia on Mount Vaea.

The Museum of Samoa is also definitely worth a visit. It’s right on Beach Road. There, old photos, tapas and other traditional exhibits are exhibited in two small rooms.

As on many other Pacific islands, you can visit the traditional fales here.

The natural stone slide in Papasee a Pool is absolutely impressive. The Samoa National Marine Reserve and Piula Cave Pools are also not to be missed. The pool under the Afu Aau waterfall on the island of Savaii is ideal for swimming. But one should know that this is not available in the dry season.

The Alofaaga Blowholes on the island of Savaii offer a special natural spectacle. The blowholes are fountains of water that are created when the water from the surf is pushed through the holes in the bank rock. The resulting fountains can reach a height of up to fifteen meters.

Swimming with the turtles in Satoalepai is certainly an experience. You shouldn’t forget your snorkeling equipment, as there is a fantastic underwater world to see here.

Those who enjoy hiking and are not afraid of the heights should not miss the Falealupo Rainforest Reserve. Here the trees are climbed with the help of a ladder. Up there you can hike through the treetops over suspension bridges. There is even the option of sleeping up there.

Surfing is another sport that can be practiced in Samoa. But you should definitely not be a complete beginner, as the current is very strong here and there are sharp-edged rocks in the water almost everywhere.
Other sports activities would be diving, snorkeling, hiking, horse riding, etc.

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