Best Travel Time and Climate for Åland

With its location in Northern Europe and a record-breaking 6,700 small islands just waiting to be discovered, the Åland archipelago offers you the Nordic experience you may have been looking for. The best time to visit the Åland Islands is from July to September, when the temperatures are pleasant and you can expect little rainfall.

According to TOPB2BWEBSITES, Åland and its islands are accessible all year round by both ferry and plane. You can arrive by boat from Sweden, Finland or Estonia and by plane from Helsinki and Turku airports. There is only one town in Åland: Mariehamn. With around 11,000 inhabitants, it is also the capital of the archipelago.

Best travel time

Believe it or not, there is no ideal time of year to visit the Åland Islands. It just depends on what you want to do and how resistant you are to difficult weather conditions. In late winter you can enjoy the icy landscape of the archipelago. The Baltic Sea freezes over around Åland at this time of year, so you can easily walk from island to island.

During the summer, temperatures rise and people are increasingly relocating their activities outside. The weather is then perfect for hiking and cycling trips. This is the time when most of the tourists come to Åland and consequently the prices for room and board also rise. The annual midsummer festival takes place on June 21st, when it hardly gets dark. July is Viking Month – the Viking Market is organized in Saltvik and offers a good insight into the legacy of Åland’s Vikings.

The best time to travel varies depending on the type of trip. In general, July to September is the right place to be if you want to enjoy the sun and good weather. For those who prefer it cold and prefer snow to sun, the best time to travel to Åland is from December to March.

Climate in Mariehamn

The climate in Åland is harsh and harsh. The maximum temperature is 22 ° C in July. In January and February the thermometer rises to a maximum of −1 ° C.

Summer lasts from June to September and is mild with an average of 19 ° C. Nevertheless, the sun is powerful and you should apply lotion to avoid sunburn. It’s not cold and the weather and climate are really very pleasant.

In the winter months it is very cold during the day with an average of 2 ° C, at night the thermometer usually falls below freezing point. With its cold and dark winters, Åland is only for the die-hard at this time of year.


There are no classic sights in Åland. The charm of the islands lies in their nature and the peace and quiet that can be found here. There are countless islands, few people and no mass tourism.

Nevertheless, there is one or the other sight to be discovered. We have listed them below.

Kobba Klintar

Kobba Klintar is a small island. It is located approx. 10 minutes from Mariehamn and is therefore very easy to get to. There is a pilot house on the island, something like the Åland Statue of Liberty . The atmosphere is most beautiful in the early morning when the sea is still very calm.


The many islands that make up Åland are not particularly high. Therefore, there are only a few opportunities for a wide view of the landscape and islands. A good opportunity for a wonderful view over the Åland Islands is on Nordviksbasen.

Medieval stone churches

There are old churches in every congregation. Some of the wonderfully simple stone churches date from the Middle Ages and have their very own charm.


Bomarsund is an old fortress or what is left of it. It was built by the Russians in the early 19th century.

Åland’s Museum of Photography

The small museum is located in a school building in Pålsböle. The collection includes not only cameras, but also a wide range of accessories and photographic equipment. There are also special exhibitions, for example the old police equipment for taking prisoners.

Getting there

It’s easy to travel to Åland. Coming from Stockholm or Helsinki you can choose between taking a ferry or a plane . The flight time from Stockholm is approximately 30 minutes and less than an hour from Helsinki. The airport is only a five-minute drive from Mariehamn.

It takes two hours from Stockholm and five hours from Finland. The ferries call at Åland around 30 times a day.


Åland officially belongs to Finland, but has extensive political autonomy. It is more curious that the residents speak Swedish.

Best Travel Time and Climate for Åland

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