Best Travel Time and Climate for the USA

The land of unlimited possibilities is also a huge country that could hardly be more diverse. Whether a city break or an excursion into nature, there is always something new to discover here. The best travel time is therefore always, it just depends on the region.

You can travel to the US all year round. Basically, most vacationers travel to the United States from April through November. While the main travel season is in summer, spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October) are particularly interesting times for a vacation. Since it is more or less the off-season, there are fewer travelers and some activities are much more relaxed. In autumn you can enjoy the beautiful Indian Summer when the leaves of the trees change color and shine in all sorts of colors. Summer in the USA can get very hot with temperatures around 40 ° C.

Best time to travel east coast

On the east coast of the USA there are almost the same climatic seasons as here in Germany. The individual seasons are, however, much more pronounced. So it can get extremely hot in summer and blizzards are possible in winter, which bring freezing cold. A special highlight for many vacationers is to go shopping in New York at Christmas and marvel at the huge illuminated Christmas tree in Times Square. In the summer months, Central Park in New York offers its residents and visitors a wide range of recreational opportunities.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the Indian Summer is one of the absolute highlights for every East Coast holidaymaker in autumn. The sight of the huge forests with their colorful leaves is just beautiful.

The best time to travel to the east coast of the USA is in spring and autumn . On the one hand, the weather is really very pleasant, but above all it is not too crowded with tourists. What shouldn’t be missing is a visit to New York or Washington, whether for shopping or because of the sights.

Climate in New York

According to THESCIENCETUTOR, the maximum temperature in USA is 31 ° C in July. In January the thermometer rises to a maximum of 7 ° C. The summer (June to September) with average 29 ° C very warm . In the winter months it is approximately 10 ° C cold . During the day, the temperature in the USA is 19.3 ° C on average.

At night it gets coldest at −1 ° C in January, February and December. The thermometer rarely falls below 21 ° C in July. While the nights in summer have mean values ​​of a warm 19 ° C, the thermometer drops to a cold 1 ° C at night between November and March. The temperature averages 9.3 ° C at night all year round.

The water temperature is up to 28 ° C in July, in January and February the sea has a maximum of 3 ° C. In the summer months from June to September the water is very warm with an average of 26 ° C. Between November and March the values ​​are a cold 6 ° C. Over the year, the sea has an average temperature of 15.8 ° C.

With 10 rainy days, May is the rainiest month of the year. The September and October are with 6 days of rain, the driest months of the year . From June to September the USA is quite dry with an average of around 8 rainy days each, the winter (November to March) is also quite dry with 7 rainy days. An annual average of 7.5 days of rain falls per month.

Best time to visit Florida

Florida is also known as the “Sunshine State” because the sun shines here more than 300 days a year. From the sea there is usually a light breeze that makes the temperatures more pleasant. But the state has even more to offer, as the wetlands are home to alligators, which you can admire in national parks along with many other animals. The temperature is very high, especially in summer, there are regular thunderstorms and there are more mosquitoes. The best time to visit Florida is outside of the hurricane season. Hurricanes can occur between June and October, although they rarely hit Florida hard. We recommend the winter months from December to May as the optimal travel time.

Climate in Miami

Best travel time for California and the west coast

The American Southwest is hot and dry. There is little rain here and the sky is therefore almost always blue. The climate is particularly pleasant in spring and autumn. Then the temperatures move between 16 and 27 ° C. Death Valley is the hottest place in the world, with a peak temperature of 54 ° C. But even if it doesn’t shoot at record heights, the thermometer here in summer moves around 40 ° c and higher. Better not to have a flat tire.

The best time to visit California and the southwest coast is spring and late summer . Then the temperatures are wonderfully pleasant, in summer it is often too hot. There is often a cool wind blowing in San Francisco and the ocean is colder than you think because of the Pacific. That is also one of the reasons why escaping from Alcatraz, one of the most famous prisons in the USA, was almost impossible without freezing to death in the cold water.

In the winter months there is sometimes a lot of snow in the national parks Yosemite and Sequoia and can make movement difficult. Even if it is not that warm in spring, the melting snow makes for imposing waterfalls and beautiful nature that has just unfolded from hibernation.

Best Travel Time and Climate for the USA

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