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More than 150 square kilometers of the New York metropolitan area are park and play areas. Central Park in the middle of Manhattan was designed as early as 1850 and, at 340 hectares, is the largest park in Manhattan (larger than Monaco). The numerous quays and docks on the Hudson and East Rivers are also striking. In a national comparison, however, the ports of New York lost their supremacy in the 20th century. Today the ports along the Mississippi between New Orleans and Baton Rouge and in Galveston / Houston are ahead of those of New York and New Jersey in terms of handling volume.

Detroit – Use and Change of a Downtown
The map shows downtown Detroit, to the west by the John Lodge Freeway (named for a mayor of the 1920s), to the north by the Fisher Freeway (named after a body shop), to the east by the Chrysler Freeway (named after the automobile manufacturer) and is bounded in the south by the Detroit River as a riverfront.

Typically, US cities are characterized by a checkerboard, orthogonal street network. This is not the case with the downtown Detroit road network. The freeways in Detroit are cut roughly in the middle by three main axes that meet in the heart of downtown on Campus Martius: Michigan Avenue, Gratiot Avenue and Woodward Avenue. The latter, once the city’s central shopping street, now runs through the downtown area as the “main artery”. It is named after Augustus B. Woodward, the first chief justice of the Michigan Territory. Woodward has planned the five main avenues, including Grand River Avenue (between Woodward and Michigan Avenue) and Jefferson Avenue, which run from downtown Detroit in different directions through the state of Michigan.

As the capital of the Michigan Territory, Detroit was destroyed by a devastating fire in 1805. Woodward drafted a plan for the reconstruction of the city, which is based on the plan of Washington D. C. from 1791 in its floor plans. Characteristic of this design are wide avenues and main streets that radiate out from central squares with striking monumental buildings or landmarks. The radial street layout probably goes back to the layout of Karlsruhe, a city layout from the era of absolutism. The arrangement of the main streets, which lead to a central square, emphasized the center of the earthly world, the seat of the godlike monarch. In the case of Detroit, the aim was to use a symbol to emphasize the city center. For more information about the continent of North America, please check

Red Wing Bridge, Minnesota

Red Wing Bridge, Minnesota

  Red Wing Bridge Spans Mississippi River Lanes 1×2 Total length 501 meters Main span 132 meters Bridge deck height 20 meters Opening 11-1960 / 21-11-2019 Traffic intensity 13,300 mvt/day Location Map According to...

Old Line State

Maryland: Old Line State

People interested in the history and politics of the United States often limit themselves to Washington DC , which is a shame, because Maryland also has many traces of the history of the early...

State Route 51 in California

State Route 49 and 51 in California

State Route 49 in California SR-49 Get started Oakhurst End Vinton Length 295 mi Length 475 km Route Oakhurst Mariposa Coulterville moccasin Sonora Angels Camp San Andreas Jackson Drytown Plymouth Diamond Springs Placerville Coloma...

US 23 in Georgia

US 23 in Georgia

  US 23 Get started Folkston End Dillard Length 392 mi Length 630 km Route Florida Folkston waycross alma Hazlehurst McRae Eastman Cochran Macon Jackson McDonough Stockbridge Forest Park Atlanta Druid Hills Skyland Doraville...

Louisiana History

Louisiana History and Culture

History The area that now forms the state of Louisiana was originally settled by Native American tribes such as the Choctaws. Old earthworks with raised terraces can be found in several places in the...

State Route 61 in Kansas

State Route 5 and 61 in Kansas

State Route 5 in Kansas SR-5 Get started Leavenworth End Kansas City Length 24 mi Length 39 km Route Leavenworth Kansas City According to Watchtutorials, State Route 5, also known as K-5 is a...

US 131 in Michigan

US 127 and 131 in Michigan

US 127 in Michigan US 127 Get started Munson End grayling Length 214 mi Length 345 km Route Ohio Hudson Cement City freeway Vandercook Lake South Street Michigan Center East Jackson North Jackson blackman...

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Official website: 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. say: bell-a-ji-oh The Bellagio, which opened in October 1998, focuses on elegance and a corresponding price level. Built-in 1.8 billion dollars make something, even if the rooms...

Miami for Kids

Miami for Kids

Are you visiting the city in the Sunshine State of Florida with children? Then, in addition to the zoo and the beach, you should definitely visit these two museums while on holiday. Frost Science...

Nevada - the State With the Most Deserts

Nevada – the State With the Most Deserts

According to ehuacom, Nevada, the “Silver State”, is the “most desolate” of all states. It is a land of flat plains and sandy deserts, but there are also green valleys and snow-capped mountains. The...