Aachen, Germany Arrival and Traffic

Maastricht Aachen Airport
Maastricht Aachen Airport (Dutch: Vliegveld Zuid-Limburg or Vliegveld Beek) is an important airport for air freight traffic and is located about 30 kilometers northwest of Aachen on Dutch territory. It is mainly flown to by charter planes that fly on to typical holiday regions, for example to Spain, Egypt and Tunisia. There is a flight connection to Amsterdam via KLM. The airport can be reached from Aachen via a shuttle service. According to eningbo, Aachen is a city located in Germany bordering with Belgium and the Netherlands.
More information about the airport is available at www.maa.nl/de

Airports Cologne / Bonn or Dusseldorf
Visitors from more distant regions can also get to Aachen via the airports Cologne / Bonn or Dusseldorf. The airport Cologne / Bonn is located about 85 km and the airport in Dusseldorf about 100 kilometers from the city center. Aachen’s main train station can be easily reached from there by train using the S13 and RE1 lines.

Train connections

Aachen is on some of the most important connections of the trans-European rail network. The two most important train stations in Aachen are Aachen main train station and Aachen West train station

Aachen Central Station
Aachen’s largest train station is served by the local trains RE 1 (= NRW-Express), RE 4 (= Wupper-Express), RE 9 (= Rhein-Sieg-Express), RB 20 (= Euregiobahn), RE 29 (= EuregioAIXpress) and the RB 33 (= Rhein-Niers-Bahn). In addition, the long-distance trains “Thalys” (Cologne to Paris, via Liège and Brussels) and the ICE (Frankfurt / Main – Cologne – Brussels) go via the city’s main station.
The regional trains that run between Cologne and Aachen often run with a delay of up to 15 minutes. On weekends and evenings, this can be extended to up to 35 minutes.

Aachen West Station
Although Aachen West is the city’s most important freight station, it is also available for passenger transport.

Apart from the two stations mentioned, there are also Aachen-Rothe Erde and the Aachen-Schanz and Eilendorf stops.
Detailed information on possible train connections to Aachen can be found under this link:

Car traffic

The A 4, A 44 and A 544 motorways converge at the Aachen motorway junction. Aachen can be reached from Cologne via the A4 and from Düsseldorf via the A44. The travel time for these distances is around 60 minutes. The A 544 acts as a connection between the Aachen junction and Europaplatz.

Between Cologne and Aachen there are frequent traffic jams on the A4 due to construction work.
In addition to the motorways, the federal highways B 1, B 57, B 258 and B 264 also run through the Aachen city area. The city is very well connected to Belgium (via the A44) and the Netherlands (via the A4) via the European motorway network.

City traffic runs mainly by buses that also connect Aachen with the neighboring countries of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Bus transport

The Aachen city traffic is taken over by buses. These are operated by ASEAG, Aachener Straßenbahn und Energieversorgungs AG. There are currently 62 bus routes, the main points being the bus station on the one hand and the Elisenbrunnen on the other. Almost all lines go through these transport hubs. There are around 2,000 stops within the bus network, which stretches over 1,100 kilometers.

The buses not only run in Aachen, but also connect the city with neighboring countries. There are buses to the Netherlands (Heerlen, Kerkrade etc.) and Belgium (e.g. Eupen). Six express buses serve Alsdorf, Aldenhoven and Jülich (= line SB11), Heerlen (= line 44), Eschweiler (= line 52), Roetgen and Simmerath (= line SB63), Herzogenrath (= line 147) and Roetgen as well as Monschau (= line 166). Also worth mentioning is the very good night bus network, which consists of eight lines and whose buses are marked with the letter “N”. These night buses leave the Elisenbrunnen and the bus station at 1:45 a.m. and 2:45 a.m. on weekends and public holidays. The N1 also leaves at 3:45 a.m.

As usual in Germany, you get on the bus at the front, show your ticket and leave the bus at the respective bus stop through the back door.

Arrival by bus
An inexpensive and comfortable journey from Germany is by long-distance bus:


Cycling is highly recommended in Aachen. The city is a member of the “Working Group of Bicycle-Friendly Cities and Municipalities” in North Rhine-Westphalia, but has steep gradients in some places, especially in the city center, which can dampen the joy of cycling To create non-motorized road users, especially with children.

Aachen, Germany Arrival and Traffic

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