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Germany History - Germany and Germani

Germany History – Germany and Germani

The Rhine and the upper course of the Danube had definitively constituted the border of the Roman Empire, to the east and north of which extended, up to the Vistula and the North and...

Attractions in Stuttgart, Germany

Attractions in Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg, with (2019) 635,900 residents. Stuttgart lies in a wide valley on the middle Neckar and has two universities, museums, theaters and a botanical-zoological garden (“Wilhelma”). As the headquarters of Daimler...

Aachen, Germany Arrival and Traffic

Aachen, Germany Arrival and Traffic

Maastricht Aachen Airport Maastricht Aachen Airport (Dutch: Vliegveld Zuid-Limburg or Vliegveld Beek) is an important airport for air freight traffic and is located about 30 kilometers northwest of Aachen on Dutch territory. It is...

Germany Population Graph

Germany 2001

Yearbook 2001 Germany. The terrorist act in the United States in September had domestic policy repercussions in Germany. Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s decision that German troops should participate in the military effort against Afghanistan was...