Deer Island and Rodriguez, Mauritius

Deer Island, Mauritius

Ile aux Cerfs (or Deer Island) is located on the east coast of Mauritius. A small island with beautiful scenery got its name from the large number of deer that once lived here. In those days, Ile aux Cerfs was deserted, and rightfully belonged to beautiful animals. Unfortunately, over time, the deer population disappeared here, but the island retained its name.

Today, Deer Island is a place adored by many tourists with beautiful nature, magnificent beaches, comfortable hotels, many restaurants and water activities for every taste.

Golden sand, clear azure water, lush green vegetation and a piercing blue sky overhead – this is a typical landscape of the famous island called Deer. Check liuxers for customs and traditions of Mauritius.

How to get there

The attractiveness of Oleny Island for tourists is also facilitated by its accessibility – getting here is not difficult. From the nearest port of Point Maurice, a boat runs every half hour to the island. Many hotels in Mauritius offer sightseeing tours here that include lunch and transfer.

Hotels and restaurants

There is a wide range of hotels on Deer Island for every taste. And in one of the island’s hotels there are also golf courses that will appeal to even the most demanding fans of this game.

After swimming and walking, you definitely will not stay hungry here. Deer Island is replete with cafes, bars and restaurants. It offers both local and mixed and international cuisines.

Golden sand, clear azure water, lush green vegetation and a piercing blue sky overhead – this is a typical landscape of the famous island called Deer.


Deer Island offers all kinds of entertainment for tourists. Starting from swimming and walking along the paths of the island, ending with a game of golf or traveling on a pirate ship. Of course, the most popular and public type of recreation on Deer Island is swimming in its clean, secluded bays. Despite the fact that the island is extremely popular with tourists, there are a lot of untouched and secluded, almost deserted beaches. Clean, blue and completely transparent water, washing the island, provides a great opportunity to observe the life of the local exotic underwater flora and fauna.

There are a lot of corals and other underwater inhabitants here, which attracts many fans to explore the depths of the sea.

Entertainment and attractions of Oleny Island

Undoubtedly, a pleasant impression for nature lovers will also be left by the local pure virgin forests, where you can walk at least the whole day, enjoying the local exotic beauty of trees and flowers.

Surfing and other water activities

Deer Island enjoys well-deserved popularity among those who like to catch a wave – surfers. The island has every opportunity to surf, both for the beginner and for the experienced “veteran”.

Another fun that is inextricably linked with the sea is sea skiing. A huge number of tourists come to Deer Island for this very purpose – to sweep with the breeze along the transparent ocean surface. On Ile-o-Cerf, in addition to all the above entertainments, you can ride a catamaran or a kayak, a “banana” or a water parachute, a lot of boat trips or stylized old ships are offered. The island offers a rich selection of various water activities, but how could it be otherwise in a place that is washed by the ocean from all sides?


The diamond in the crown of the Mascarene Islands, Rodrigues lies 560 km northeast of Mauritius. Its small size – 18 by 8 km and the picturesque lagoon that surrounds the island from all sides, brought fame to Rodriguez as one of the most secluded paradises in the Indian Ocean. The outer coral reef is 10 km away from the coastline, so there is simply a Darwinian variety of cold-blooded inhabitants, and steady winds make the island a tasty morsel for kite-, wind- and just surfers.

How to get there

Air Mauritius operates up to 5 flights per day between older and younger “brother”; Flight time is about one and a half hours. Another option is a ferry that runs once a week, but the journey will take much longer: from 36 to 48 hours, depending on the “chatter”.

Othello Rodriguez

On Rodrigues, you can find accommodation options for every taste: high-quality “fours”, nice private mini-hotels, cottages and apartments. A distinctive feature of hotels in Rodrigues is their compactness: in any of them there are no more than 30 rooms, so the silence and comfort of the guests are provided.


Local delicacies include kono-kono lobster salad, octopus curry with corn and beans, minced beef in sweet and sour sauce, pork with honey sauce, rustic ham with aromatic herbs, roast goat meat and chicken with ginger and turmeric. For dessert, papaya, honey-coconut cake, cassava pancakes and corn pudding.

Attractions and attractions in Rodrigues

Fans of wildlife will not remain indifferent to the diverse flora and fauna of Rodrigues. Popular places for ecotourism: the two neighboring islands of Île aux Cocos and Île aux Sables, where colonies of seabirds nest (you can get here by pirogue, having previously obtained permission from the tourist office), as well as the beautiful beaches of Trou d’Argens. You should definitely visit the unique Patat Caves, lying at a depth of 600 m – here you can see coral stalactites, stalagmites and other underground curiosities. You can chat with giant tortoises in the Francois Lega reserve. For crazy beauty views, head to Lemon Mountain.

Rodriguez, Mauritius

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