US 127 and 131 in Michigan

US 127 in Michigan

US 127
Get started Munson
End grayling
Length 214 mi
Length 345 km


Cement City


Vandercook Lake

South Street

Michigan Center

East Jackson

North Jackson


Parnall Road

Rives Junction


Barnes Road

South Mason

North Mason


Southeast Lansing

East Lansing

Saginaw Street

Lake Lansing Road

De Witt

Price Road

St Johns

North St Johns

2×2 divided highway: St Johns – Ithaca


Polk Road


St. Louis


South Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant

North Mount Pleasant




Mannsiding Road

South Harrison

North Harrison

Barney Lake

Houghton Lake

Higgins Lake

Higgins Lake Drive

According to act-test-centers, US 127 is a US Highway in the US state of Michigan. The road forms a north-south route in the south of the state, running from Munson on the Ohio border through Jackson and the state capital Lansing to Grayling on Interstate 75. The section between Jackson and Grayling is a motorway. The route is 345 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 127 at Lansing.

At Munson, US 127 crosses the Ohio border and heads due north. In Somerset you cross the US 12, the road from Coldwater to Ypsilanti. On the east side of the city of Jackson, US 127 becomes a freeway and then reaches Interstate 94, the highway from Chicago to Detroit. The road from here is a continuous highway to Lansing, through flat countryside. There are no major roads crossing the 50 kilometers between Jackson and Lansing. One reaches Lansing from the southeast of the city and crosses Interstate 96, which runs from Grand Rapids to Detroit. Here, US 127 forms the city’s eastern bypass with 2×2 lanes. Near the center one crosses Interstate 496, a short east-west connection through the capital.

North of Lansing, the highway continues north through fairly monotonous agricultural land. The distinctive Midwestern landscape extends farthest north here in the state of Michigan. The largest place on the route here is Mount Pleasant. At Clare, it crosses US 10, which forms a highway to Midland and Bay City. Further north there are more forests and the area becomes less populated. Passing Houghton Lake and Higgins Lake, US 127 connects just south of Grayling to Interstate 75, the highway from Detroit and Flint to Sault Ste. Mary.


US 127 was created in 1926. The northern end was for a long time the capital Lansing. In 2002, US 127 was extended to Grayling, this section was originally numbered US 27, but US 27 is no longer in Michigan.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Date
Leslie mason 13 km 00-00-1957
St. Louis South Mount Pleasant 19 km 30-12-1960
Ithaca St. Louis 13 km 00-00-1961
South Mount Pleasant I-75 111 km 00-00-1961
Jackson Leslie 21 km 00-00-1964
mason Lansing I-96 13 km 18-11-1966
Lansing I-496 Saginaw Street 2 km 00-00-1969
Saginaw Street De Witt 13 km 00-00-1973
South St Johns North St Johns 5 km 31-08-1999

Traffic intensities

The highway section around Lansing is fairly quiet, with 20,000 to 30,000 vehicles per day. North of Mount Pleasant this drops to around 7,000 vehicles per day.

US 131 in Michigan

US 131
Get started Mottville
End petoskey
Length 269 ​​mi
Length 433 km
White Pigeon

Three Rivers

school craft


31 Portage


36 Kalamazoo

38 Kalamazoo

39 North Kalamazoo

44 Alamo

49 Plainwell

50 Otsego

55 Martin

59 Shelbyville

61 Bradley

64 Wayland

68 Moline

72 Green Lake

74 84th Street

75 76th Street


78 54th Street

79 44th Street

80 36th Street

81 28th Street

82 Burton Street

83 Hall Street / Franklin Street

84 Downtown Grand Rapids

85 Pearl Street


87 Leonard Street

88 Ann Street


91 West River Drive

95 Post Drive

97 Rockford

101 Greenville

104 Cedar Springs

110 Sand Lake

114 Whitefish Lake

118 Howard City

120 Edmore

125 Morley

131 Stanwood

139 Big Rapids

142 North Big Rapids

153 Reed City

159 Ashton

162 Le Roy

168 Tustin

176 Mesic / Clare

177 South Cadillac

180 Cadillac

183 North Cadillac

191 Manton




According to liuxers, US 131 is a US Highway in the United States, located almost entirely in Michigan and a small part in Indiana. The road forms a north-south route in the south of the state and is mostly a highway. The route runs from Interstate 80 / Interstate 90 just over the Indiana border and heads north through Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids . The route is 433 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The interchange between US 131 and M-6 in Wyoming, on the south side of Grand Rapids.

The road begins just a mile over the Indiana border at Interstate 80 / Interstate 90 and then heads north. The first 45 kilometers is a normal main road, after which the road becomes a motorway just before Portage. One then crosses the Interstate 94 and then arrives in the approximately 80,000 inhabitants city of Kalamazoo. The highway then runs through a fairly flat area with occasional forests to the north. Major roads are not crossed on the route to Grand Rapids. On the south side of Grand Rapids, one crosses SR-6, the east-west perimeter roadsouth of the city. 2×3 lanes are available in Grand Rapids because US 131 is the city’s busiest highway. A little closer to the center there are even 2×4 lanes available. One then crosses Interstate 196 and shortly afterwards one crosses Interstate 96.

After Grand Rapids, a fairly long road north begins, through an increasingly densely wooded area with no major towns. This area is gently sloping with some small rivers and lakes. At Reed City you cross US 10. The last major town along the highway is Cadillac. The entire highway section is 270 kilometers long. Further north, US 131 forms a quiet single-lane road until Petoskey where it terminates at US 31.


US 131 was created in 1926 and ended at Fife Lake at the time. In 1938, the route was extended north to US 31 at Petoskey in northern Michigan. In 1955 the entire route was asphalted.

Construction of the highway began in the mid-1950s on the south side of Grand Rapids. Then, between 1957 and 1963, the highway between the south side of Kalamazoo and the north side of Grand Rapids was opened. From 1969, US 131 was gradually extended further north. In 2003, the highway extended to its present end north of Manton.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Date
72 100th Street 81 28th Street 14 km 00-00-1957
64 Wayland 72 100th Street 13 km 00-00-1958
55 Martin 64 Wayland 14 km 00-00-1959
49 Plainwell 55 Martin 10 km 00-00-1960
38 Kalamazoo 49 Plainwell 18 km 05-10-1962
81 28th Street 85 Pearl Street 6 km 00-00-1962
85 Pearl Street 89 I-96 6 km 00-12-1962
31 Portage 38 Kalamazoo 11 km 00-12-1963
89 I-96 101 Greenville 19 km 00-10-1969
101 Greenville 104 Cedar Springs 5 km 22-10-1973
159 Ashton 176 Mesick / Clare 26 km 00-00-1976
131 Stanwood 142 North Big Rapids 17 km 00-00-1983
142 North Big Rapids 159 Ashton 27 km 00-00-1986
176 Mesick / Clare 180 Cadillac 6 km 01-11-2000
180 Cadillac 183 North Cadillac 5 km 30-10-2001
191 Maton freeway end 3 km 19-09-2003

Traffic intensities

The route between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids is reasonably well traveled with about 35,000 vehicles per day. Grand Rapids is a lot busier with up to 114,000 vehicles per day, the city’s busiest highway. North of Grand Rapids, this drops quickly, to about 10,000 vehicles as far as Cadillac. At the northern end of the highway, 7,100 vehicles drive every 24 hours. After that, this remains fairly constant at around 6,500 vehicles per day.

US 131 in Michigan

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