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United Kingdom

Yearbook 2001

UK. According to Countryaah, a foot-and-mouth disease epizooty broke out in February when infected animals were found in a swing yard in Essex, southern England. In an attempt to stop the spread of the virus - which affects cows, pigs, sheep and goats - mass slaughter was started by herds where infection was detected. All transport of live animals was initially stopped and people were urged to stay away from the countryside. Not only did agriculture hit hard, but also the tourism industry. The EU imposed a temporary export ban on live animals, meat and milk products from the United Kingdom. Up to and including September, 2,030 confirmed cases had been found in various parts of the UK. In eight months, nearly four million animals were killed. The carcasses were burnt, causing concern that carcinogens such as dioxin would spread through the smoke. Images of animals that were burned on large bonfires were spread throughout the world. The last case was discovered on September 30 at a farm in Cumbria. Epizootin was estimated to have cost the UK between 800 and 2.4 billion.

2001 United KingdomAs a result of the foot-and-mouth disease, the parliamentary and municipal elections were held on June 7, a month later than planned. Most judges assumed that Labor's electoral victory was given and the electoral movement became rather paralyzed. The Conservative Party and its leader William Hague promised lower taxes, a more restrictive asylum policy and claimed that Blair was trying to trick the British into giving up the pound and joining the EU's currency union. Both Labor and the Liberal Democrats promised new investments in health care and education. The Liberal Democrats were the only party to advocate for a tax increase, while Labor said it was prepared for increased cooperation with the private sector in, for example. care. Labor's top politicians were accused of avoiding ordinary voters who wanted to express their dissatisfaction with, among other things, long care queues.

2001 United Kingdom

Labor won reassurance and received, with just under 42% of the vote, 413 of the 659 seats. The Conservatives received just over 32% of the vote and stayed on 166 seats. However, they did well in the municipal elections. The Liberal Democrats supported almost 19% of the electorate and passed with six seats to 52, which was seen as a success for Charles Kennedy who made his first election as party leader. After the election defeat, Hague resigned as party leader. The battle over who would succeed him was between the popular EU friend Kenneth Clark and the relatively unknown Iain Duncan Smith from the party's right. For the first time, all party members got to vote for their leader, and it was Duncan Smith who took over after Hague in September.

Following the terrorist attacks against New York and Washington on September 11, Britain was the strongest country behind the United States. A special war cabinet was set up in early October, and when the United States fought against Afghanistan, British forces also participated.

The Labor government quickly passed a tightening of terrorist legislation, which was approved by Parliament on December 14. The new laws meant, among other things, that the police were given the right to detain suspected foreign terrorists indefinitely and that the British authorities should have greater transparency in the finances of different groups. Critics argued that the laws posed a threat to civil liberties and rights. However, Parliament had rejected a proposal that would make it a criminal offense to "instill religious hatred". With the support of the law, British police soon after arrested at least eight people suspected of being involved in terrorist activities.

Britain was in the lead of the international peacekeeping force to be sent to Afghanistan. Several hundred British soldiers - of the promised 1,500 - were in Afghanistan before the turn of the year.

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