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Best Travel Time and Climate for England

Best Travel Time and Climate for England

Climate in London The maximum temperature in England is 22 ° C in July and August. In January the thermometer rises to a maximum of 6 ° C. The summer (June to September) with...

Dugald Stewart

Scotland Theologians and Philosophers

James Beattie (1735-1803) philosopher and writer. James Beattie was born in 1735 in Laurencekirk, the son of a small farmer. He studied at the University of Aberdeen and belonged to the philosophical direction of...

Wales History during Industrial Revolution

Wales History during Industrial Revolution

The UK The union with Wales had already taken place in 1536 under Henry VIII. The union with Scotland finally took place in 1707, but not on a voluntary basis. Rather, Scotland was moved...

Scotland Attractions

Best time to travel to Scotland

Scotland is not a typical summer destination where you can lounge in the sun. Wind and rain are as much a part of Scotland as the Highland Cows, Haggis and the bagpipes. The climatic...

United Kingdom Population Graph

United Kingdom 2001

Yearbook 2001 UK. A foot-and-mouth disease epizooty broke out in February when infected animals were found in a swing yard in Essex, southern England. In an attempt to stop the spread of the virus...

Glasgow Attractions

Glasgow Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Glasgow The Burrell Collection museum the Burrell Collection is a collection of art that were donated by Sir William Burrell to Glasgow in 1944. He had collected art all my life and...