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Yearbook 2001

Cameroon. According to Countryaah-ABCDE, a special military force formed in 2000 to intervene in the increasing crime was dissolved on the orders of the chief of police after taking the law into too high a degree in his own hands. The Special Forces were charged with the death of more than 1,000 people, which has provoked harsh criticism both domestically and internationally.

2001 Cameroon

An old conflict between the government and the English-speaking minority blazed up again in the fall when riot police dissolved prohibited demonstrations, killed at least three people and arrested dozens of activists. The English speakers, who make up almost a third of K's more than 15 million residents, feel like second-class citizens. The army sent reinforcements to the English-speaking areas to stave off further protests.

Cameroon in its present form was formed in 1961, when the southern part of British K. was merged with the area that was previously French colony. Both parts would be equal partners, but gradually the French-speaking part has become completely dominant.

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