Miami for Kids

Are you visiting the city in the Sunshine State of Florida with children? Then, in addition to the zoo and the beach, you should definitely visit these two museums while on holiday.

  • Frost Science Museum: The “Frost Science Museum” in Downtown Miami has many interactive exhibits and is therefore ideal for visiting a museum with children on vacation. The attractions include a planetarium and an aquarium with marine life. The “Frost Science Museum” is part of the Museum Park.
  • Children’s Museum: In the “Children’s Museum” between Miami and Miami Beach there are countless activities for the little ones among the museum visitors. There is a special focus on communication, community and creativity. A nine-meter-high climbing wall, a cruise ship and a two-story sand castle complete the museum and make it a really successful destination for families with children.

Cuban joie de vivre in Little Havana

If you want to experience the unique atmosphere of Miami as originally as possible, you should definitely visit Little Havana during the trip. The residents of Little Havana, who mostly have their roots in Cuba, cultivate their culture there, which makes a visit an absolute experience. Because the influences of the Cuban heritage can be felt everywhere.

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The most famous street in Little Havana is by far the Calle Ocho. Along the street, and generally between SW 12th and 16th on Calle Ocho, there are many shops in Little Havana where you can buy cigars. The most popular shops and great for buying handmade cigars are the shops ” Little Havana Cigar Factory & Lounge “, the ” El Titan de Bronze ” and the ” La Tradición Cubana “.

Are you longing for Cuban coffee? Then be sure to equip the ” Versailles “Or the” Islas Canarias “A visit.

A great way to get to know the Cuban way of life even better is Domino Park, where the residents meet on Sundays to indulge in the game of the same name. You can also take great travel photos here of the old pictures of the park, which date from the 1970s.

More attractions in Little Havana

  • Tower Theater: The cinema is located west of Dominos Park and only shows films in the original language. Visitors whose mother tongue is Spanish in particular should get their money’s worth here.
  • Calle Ocho Walk of Fame: Walk of Fame? Isn’t it in California? That’s right, but Florida’s Walk of Fame in Miami is dedicated to Cuban artists who are also honored with a star there.
  • Memorial Boulevard: Memorial Boulevard in Little Havana commemorates the victims of the Bay of Pigs invasion in the 1960s with a flame, the “eternal flame”. There is also a bronze map of Cuba, a statue of the Virgin Mary and some monuments by José Martí and Antonio Maceo.
  • Ceiba tree: For the Santería, the Ceiba is a sacred tree. It is the main syncretic African American religion in Cuba. You can find out more about this in the Botánicas shops. The perfect place to have the future predicted.
  • Bay of Pigs Museum: The free museum is dedicated to the failed 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion.

Historic Overtown – on the trail of African American history

Historic Overtown is one of Florida’s oldest African American neighborhoods and is located to the west of downtown Miami. The founding of the neighborhood at the time was a direct result of the Jim Crow laws, which put racial segregation into practice. Over time, Historic Overtown developed into a center for the African-American cultural scene, music and business.

In the 1950s in particular, the district was known for its top-class nightlife and the vibrant spirit that characterized the district can still be felt everywhere today. The unique art and culture scene, excellent soul food and some sights make the district west of the city center an absolute experience.

Some attractions in Historic Overtown

  • Black Police Precinct and Courthouse Museum: The police station with attached prison and court is the first and only facility of its kind that was run exclusively by African-American police officers. Today you can take part in guided tours by former security guards.
  • Lyric Theater: The entertainment center in the district west of the city center has existed for over 100 years. Celebrities from the Afro-American cultural scene such as Billie Holiday and Cab Calloway once came here.
  • Jackson Soul Food: This venerable restaurant is considered to be the best soul food restaurant in town and the soul of the district. Be sure to pay a visit to the family restaurant, which opened in 1946, during your stay.

Downtown Miami / Brickell – home of the skyscrapers

Downtown Miami is a cross-section through the city and its skyline is shaped by the many skyscrapers. Here in downtown you can visit important tourist destinations such as the Port of Miami, attend a game of the Miami Heat in the American Airlines Arena or just enjoy the unique view of the bay.

Little Haiti – colorful houses and more

Many Haitian immigrants have found homes in the Little Haiti district. The colorful houses, as we know them from the Caribbean, are characteristic of the quarter. Caribbean flair, a lively art scene, pubs and many shops await you there. However, crime is also a big issue there.

People don’t earn very much in this place and tourists can quickly become victims. Because of the high crime rate, it is best to visit the district with someone else, avoid visiting after dark and carry valuables on your body.

Tip: The best way to visit the area is by renting a car from Avis or another rental company.

Special attractions in Little Haiti

  • Carribean Marketplace: The Carribean Marketplace is a replica of Haiti’s famous iron market and an architectural marvel designed by famous architect Charles Pawley.

Miami for Kids

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