Holidays in Maldives

The Maldives is a real paradise island in the Indian Ocean, one of the best and most expensive tourist destinations. Holidays in the Maldives are expensive and elite, mostly beach, but divers and lovers of a relaxed holiday in the tropics will also really like it.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Excellent beaches with clean white sand and perfect water;
  • Wild nature;
  • luxury hotels;
  • A lot of fruits;
  • The locals are very friendly, they love tourists;
  • There are great diving spots;
  • Quite a few tourists around;
  • No visa required.


  • Holidays are really expensive;
  • There is little entertainment, there are no clubs and discos;
  • On many atolls there is absolutely no civilization, sometimes it is scary to return to the hotel in the dark;
  • Sharks swim quite close to the shore, but they do not pay attention to swimmers;
  • Resting alone can be strange and boring, mostly here everyone is in pairs;
  • The food is very salty and spicy and the water is expensive;
  • There are almost no attractions, and there are few places on the islands.


For recreation, the Maldives are almost ideal – they are located almost at the equator, so the temperature is even all year round. According to, from May to September it rains and is humid, but from December to April it is very dry, the sky is clear and there is almost no wind. All islands have the same climate.

Visa and customs

Citizens of Russia and almost all countries of the world do not need a visa to rest in the Maldives. More precisely, a visa exists, but it is placed right at the airport for 30 days – you only need a passport, filling out a questionnaire and paying an airport tax. The fee is often included in airfare.

Customs rules are pretty standard, but the Maldives is a Muslim country, alcohol and pork are not allowed to be imported. Also forbidden to import pornography, dangerous items and substances and drugs. Importing pets is problematic, and dogs are prohibited. You can import and export foreign currency without restrictions, but it is forbidden to export the Maldivian currency.

All items found at customs prohibited for import are destroyed.

IMPORTANT: In addition to currency, you cannot export black corals, turtle shells without a certificate, and items found at the bottom.


Reviews about holidays in the Maldives are mostly positive, and this is not surprising – after all, the islands are considered a real paradise. Literally everything pleases – from the beaches and the sea to the friendliness of the locals. It is pleasant to swim and relax here, but many note that gradually it becomes boring to relax without active entertainment. Tourists also note that excursions are not worth attention at all, and it is not worth paying money for them. And those who have tried diving in Egypt say that it is not much better here.

Some are dissatisfied with food and too secluded rest, but there are not too many of them. People often rest even in the “off season” and are quite satisfied.



How to choose a hotel?


In the Maldives, it comes down to choosing an island, since basically one hotel occupies one island here. Basically, all such hotel complexes are very large and luxurious, with approximately the same prices, so you should not worry about the quality of services. The classification of hotels is non-standard – they are divided into Standard, Superior and Deluxe, which correspond to 3, 4 and 5 stars. You can also stay in bungalows – they are single or for 2-3 rooms, or standing on the water. Islands come in different sizes – there is practically no space on small ones, but if you want to walk in the evenings and find at least some bar, then it is better to choose larger atolls with better infrastructure. Also, when choosing, you should focus on the distance from the airport – a transfer in the Maldives is not cheap, and if you want to save money, then stay closer to the capital. There are islands where tourists from Russia are not accepted. In some places, small hotels began to appear on the inhabited local islands. They are significantly cheaper, but do not promise luxury.


When is the best time to go to the Maldives?


Deciding where to relax in the Maldives is easy – the places here are similar to one another. Choosing the time of the trip is also not very difficult – the rest is good all year round. The high season is from December to March, during the dry season. In the other half, there is a risk of falling under torrential tropical downpours, but you can rest. But the ticket will cost 30-50% cheaper, which is very significant.


What are the special rules of conduct?


Many do not know that the official religion here is Islam. This means that in public places it is forbidden to drink alcohol and wear short clothes. On the beaches of the islands where the locals live, it is even forbidden to swim in a bikini, not to mention walking in a bathing suit around the city. These rules do not apply to island hotels without locals – to drink and swim.


How are things with cellular communications?


Roaming is very expensive – around a hundred rubles per minute. To save on mobile communications, we advise you to buy a local SIM card, for example, Dhiraagu. Then incoming calls will be free, and outgoing calls to Russia will cost no more than a dollar. SIM cards are sold to tourists at airports or in Male, they can be ordered at the hotel. Cellular coverage is good, communication is almost everywhere. Internet in hotels Wi-Fi, usually free for guests, in other cases it is very expensive.

Holidays in Maldives

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