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South Asia and East Asia – Economy
East Asia, along with Europe and the USA, is one of the three switching points of the globalized economy. The economy is characterized by a diverse and strongly export-oriented industry, which has often developed despite unfavorable spatial conditions and a lack of raw materials, and a strong service sector. Most of the sites can be found along the densely populated coasts. The ports there are connected to all parts of the world by container lines; Most of the raw materials and industrial goods required are also imported through them. The Great Plain and the Red Basin are among the most important agricultural landscapes on earth.

The distribution of the signatures for industry shows that Japan, the third largest economy in the world, has the highest industrial density in East Asia. In the fields of steel production, shipbuilding and automobile construction, in the chemical and electrotechnical industry / electronics, Japan is one of the leading industrial countries in the world. In terms of steel production, Japan is in second place worldwide (after China) despite the lack of its own raw material base.

The industrial development in Taiwan began with labor-intensive light industry (leather, textiles, clothing), from 1960 a more demanding export-oriented light industry and from 1970 a capital-intensive steel, machine and vehicle industry as well as electronic and chemical industries were built up. Domestic energy sources and other mineral resources are hardly available. Nevertheless, the country today has a modern and diversified economic structure. For more information about the continent of Asia, please check

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

According to Abbreviationfinder, Bangkok is the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, one of the emerging economies in Southeast Asia. Thailand has remained a monarchy to this day. The “city of angels” is full...

Pakistan Culture

Pakistan Culture

CULTURE: GENERAL INFORMATION Pakistan was part of the Indian territory until the mid-twentieth century, and in the wake of Indian culture, and of all those civilizations that inhabit or have inhabited the shared regions,...

Laos Culture and Traditions

Laos Culture and Traditions

(Sathalanalat Paxathipatai Paxaxôn Lao; République démocratique populaire Lao). State of Southeast Asia (236,800 km²). Capital: Vientiane. Administrative division: provinces (17), special region (1). Population: 6,514,432 (2012 estimate). Language: Lao or Laotian (official), French. Religion:...

Imperial City of Huê (World Heritage)

Imperial City of Huê (World Heritage)

According to neovideogames, the imperial city of Huê is reminiscent of the feudal history of Vietnam. From 1802 to 1945 it was the capital of Vietnam and the residence of the Nguyen dynasty. More...

Japan Economy

Japan Economy, Nightlife and Climate

ECONOMY Business etiquette A large number of bilingual business cards is essential; they can also be printed in Japan according to neovideogames. Appointments should be made in advance. Due to the etiquette to be...

Culture and sights in Mongolia

Cities and Regions in Mongolia

Cities and regions in Mongolia According to neovideogames, Mongolia is administered in 22 provinces, so-called aimags, of which the capital Ulaanbaatar forms its own administrative district within the central Töw province. The provinces are...

Cambodia Money

Cambodia Everyday Life

Money The Cambodian currency is the Riel, the sub-unit Sen – 1 Riel equals 100 Sen – does not play a role in everyday life due to the depreciation of the currency in recent...

From Hiroshima to Tokyo

From Hiroshima to Tokyo

Visitors to Japan are amazed that this relatively small Asian country, which is one of the world’s most advanced industrialized countries, also has a rich and fascinating history. During this 11-day tour, we visit...

The exotic Sri Lanka

The Exotic Sri Lanka

Discover the wonderfully beautiful and exotic Sri Lanka during a tour that will comfortably take you to Sri Lanka’s main sights and the island nation’s most wonderful natural areas. In addition, you get a...

spectacular sunsets on the beach

Enjoy the Sunset in Krabi

Enjoy the sunset on the beach or islands The sunsets are fast and beautiful on the 8th latitude, but if the accommodation isn’t very close to the beach, it’s sad for them to leave...