Enjoy the Sunset in Krabi

Enjoy the sunset on the beach or islands

The sunsets are fast and beautiful on the 8th latitude, but if the accommodation isn’t very close to the beach, it’s sad for them to leave before dark and even more sad to come back after dark. So for most, the best way to make sure you see a spectacular sunset and enjoy it to the fullest is to go on an organized trip, and they are quite common.

Many stalls, travel agencies, lodges and other operators organize various excursions to the beaches at sunset. It is also possible to order a taxi and go to the beach and let it wait there as long as you want to be there. However, it is not as good and a memorable experience as an organized excursion, which involves not only going to the beach with a spectacular sunset but also grilling, eating and taking a piece of the button.

spectacular sunsets on the beach

f you want to go to admire the sunset with your own group of at least four people, you can easily make such a trip even through the Krabi Horse Riding Center. These tours are sold in all stalls and travel agencies, the prices are the same and the 800 baht price includes drinking water, one beer and fruit. So this is a very affordable way to enjoy the sunset with your own group, but grilling, food and extra drinks have to be paid for separately.

It is also possible to go to the island to admire the sunset and enjoy the good things, and they will be taken by speedboat, which can accommodate even a large group. There is even a seven island tour from 1.30pm to 8pm , for which tickets cost 1,100 baht per adult and can be visited alone or as a couple. There are numerous different possibilities, and it is not really difficult for Krabi anywhere to arrange a “Sunset Tour” for himself. However, you should pay attention to what is included in the trip, whether the food and drinks cost extra and the like. Transportation to Ao Nammao Pier, from where most boat trips depart from near Ao Nang, is always included, as is a return trip to the hotel. Krabi Trek organizes sunset tours of the four islands, which can also be used for snorkeling or diving.

It is also possible to ride, paddle in a kayak and do more than just eat and watch for a few minutes the sun setting on the other side of the horizon. However, most boat trips ending in the sunset are on offer, and if you prefer the beach, a trip organized by the Krabi Equestrian Center is the best and can be done with your own crew.

If you just want to enjoy the sunset but pay nothing for it, Ao Nang Beach is close to many hotels and has magical Sunsets. There are also terraces near it where you can eat and drink while waiting for the sunset or relaxing afterwards.

Go to Ao Luek for adventure and hobbies

Ao Luek, also known as Ao Luk, is quite a distance from Krabi Town and Ao Nang, and is the best place to do the most wonderful things. It’s a real adventure center where it’s possible to do and see things that may not be so easy to do or see elsewhere in Krabi.

You can go to Ao Luek on your own on the open platform , which leaves from the main street at Soi 12, the journey takes 50 minutes and costs 60 baht. The last bus leaves at 3pm, and it’s not easy or cheap to get back from Ao Luek in the evenings. So, through a stall, travel agency or other organizer, it is worth arranging a pleasant excursion, which includes round trips. Of course, it is also possible to take a taxi, use the same taxi all day long and you can have at least 2-4 people or more in a minibus. In this case, however, it is a good idea to find out what you want to see and what to do, or look for a taxi service that has all the possible information about Ao Luek and the opportunities it offers.

One local tour operator is Sweet South Sea Group, whose brochures are everywhere. They mainly organize kayak trips to Ao Luek , and there specifically at Ban Borthor, which is an area dominated by various water bodies and from which you can see the most wonderful things. The trip starts either in the morning or after noon, and for some excursions we only leave in the morning. In general, the price includes transport, drinking water, fruit, first aid kit, life jackets, waterproof bag, English guide and insurance. You should bring accessories such as a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and possibly a waterproof camera, or a transparent bag that puts a smartphone and is a common sight in Thailand. At the same time, the company has numerous excursions, the majority of which are kayak trips but also include other types of adventure.

Ao Luek has a lot of everything for families, such as an adventure park, and families but also other self-employed travelers will be happy to stay in the area.

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