Tours to Cuba

Tours to Cuba, the pearl of the Caribbean, is a year-round trip to Liberty Island, a country that has been attracting tourists from all over the world for several centuries. The mild climate of the island and a comfortable temperature level throughout the year will make your vacation in Cuba unforgettable, bright and eventful.

Although the tourist season is year-round, there is a season of tropical rainfall in winter on the island. Therefore, the leading tour operator in Cuba recommends booking individual tours to this paradise in advance.

Cuban holidays are amazingly diverse: pristine white sand beaches, coral reefs ideal for diving, a riot of colors and flavors in the rainforest, and a kaleidoscope of nightlife with the sounds of sultry salsa infused with Havana Club rum and the haze of Cuban cigars.

Luxury hotels and bungalows on the beach, restaurants with original local cuisine, shopping at affordable prices and the spirit of freedom of the island of Cuba will keep the memories of a trip to the heart of the Caribbean for a long time!

Currency: Cuban Convertible Peso

Language: Spanish

Ideal beaches and crystal clear warm sea, blue sky and bright sun, exotic fruits and the scent of flowers – this is probably how the average inhabitant of our planet imagines paradise. Add here magical Latin American rhythms, incendiary dances, fill the picture with smiles and hospitality of the inhabitants of this amazing place, season with great opportunities for the most interesting adventures, the most romantic and most important events in your life – and it will be Cuba!


Tropical trade winds. The average air temperature in January is +19-21 C, in July – +30-35 C, the average annual temperature is +26 C. High humidity is observed throughout the year, which, combined with high temperatures, requires some acclimatization, but on the coast the heat is often mitigated by constant winds. Precipitation falls up to 1500 mm per year, fairly evenly distributed over the seasons. The rainy season lasts from May to August-October, the dry season – from September-November to April, but there are frequent changes in the weather, when there is a heavy tropical downpour in the dry season, and dry and sunny weather in the rainy season. The average annual water temperature does not fall below +24 C.
The tourist season lasts almost all year round.

Spanish. English, French and Russian are also used.

About 11 million people. The majority of the population (about 2/3) are descendants of immigrants from Spain, 1/3 are blacks, mulattoes and mestizos. There is also a fairly large Chinese colony on the island.

State system:
Socialist republic. The head of state is the chairman of the State Council.

The majority of believers are Catholics (47%), Protestants (4%) and adherents of the so-called “santeria” – a syncretic cult based on African pagan beliefs, mixed with the cult of some Christian saints. The church is separated from the state, freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed.

Cuban peso equal to 100 centavos. In circulation there are banknotes of 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 pesos, as well as coins of 1 peso, 20, 5, 2 and 1 centavos.
There are two types of local currency – the non-convertible peso (CUP) used for internal circulation and the convertible peso (CUC, CUC $ or convertible, pegged to the US dollar at a ratio of 1: 1.08), which is used only in Cuba, is used for settlements with foreign tourists. All goods and services, including transportation costs and airport tax, must be paid in convertible pesos. Most prices in tourist areas and resort areas are also indicated in CUC$, while change is often given in both types of local currency.
In some tourist areas, euros, pounds sterling, Canadian dollars and Swiss francs are accepted for payment. The circulation of the US dollar in Cuba has been stopped.

Currency Exchange:
Currency can be exchanged at bank exchange offices and most hotels. Hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards of the world’s leading payment systems, except for North American ones. No credit card issued by any US bank will be accepted for payment, but cards and traveler’s checks in other currencies are freely accepted. Traveler’s checks in US dollars and pounds sterling are accepted indefinitely on one condition – if they are not issued by an American bank.
When carrying out exchange transactions with US dollars, a commission fee of 10% of the exchanged amount is charged (no fee is charged when exchanging other currencies). All credit card transactions are taxed at 11.24%.

Estimated exchange rate
Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) / Euro (EUR)
1 EUR = 0.80 CUP
10 CUP = 12.50 EUR

Behind Moscow time in winter – by 8 hours, in summer – by 9 hours.

Official holidays and days off:
January 1-2 – Liberation Day (victory of the Cuban revolution in 1959).
May 1 – International Workers’ Day, Labor Day.
July 26 – National Revolt Day (attack on the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba, July 25 and 27 are also days off).
October 10 – Anniversary of the beginning of the wars for independence from Spanish rule, Day of Cuban Culture.
December 25 – Christmas

Communication and communications:
To call Cuba, dial 8 – 10 – 53 – <area code> – <subscriber number>.
Communication standard GSM 900. Roaming is available to subscribers of major Russian operators.

Tours to Cuba

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