The 10 most dangerous waterways in the world

Which regions are the 10 most dangerous waterways in the world?

Waterways are transport routes that are regularly used by shipping, which lead across rivers or oceans and which are not always safe to navigate. The danger can have various causes. Sometimes it’s not always climatic conditions that pose a risk. Find out which waterways are among the 10 most dangerous in the world here.

Rapids and “courier trips” characterize places 10 to 7

The so-called Inga Falls are part of the Livingstone Falls, as the rapids of the Congo, the second largest river in Africa, are also called. Over a distance of 30 kilometers, the river overcomes about 90 meters of altitude – which always presents ships and crew with new challenges. The Colorado River follows in 9th place. When it rains heavily, it becomes a torrent that tears away everything that is on and next to it. Panama is home to 8th place, the Panama Canal of the same name. It is 82 kilometers long and the most used waterway in the world. However, the dimensions of the fairway no longer meet today’s standards, which makes the passage for today’s ocean liners an adventure with an uncertain outcome. Rank 7, the California coast, is an unusual, but no less minor danger. The waters are used, among other things, by drug couriers to cross the border between Mexico and the United States, with the responsible authorities trying to prevent this – including by force of arms.

The most dangerous waterways in the world can be found everywhere

At the 6th place you will find Cape Horn, located on the southern tip of the American continent. Often unpredictable winds and currents make this cape so dangerous and they led to the construction of the Panama Canal. Our place 5 flows high up in the north of America. The Fraser River, which crosses the Canadian province of British Columbia, serves, among other things, as a waterway for logs that are “shipped” from the Rocky Mountains downstream. These put every captain to the test. The streets of Venice form a waterway in the truest sense of the word. The danger here is that the water level rises by a few millimeters each year and the city threatens to sink.

Every sea voyage becomes an adventure here

Like the California coast, Japan also represents the coasta dangerous waterway – however, natural forces are the trigger of the dangers. The Pacific Ring of Fire is responsible for this. The earthquakes triggered there cause the outbreak of tsunamis. Second place is responsible for several thousand ships that capsized or sank in its mouth. Rather, it is the mouth of the Columbia River that, with the shallows and currents present there, poses a danger to the ships operating there. The undisputed number 1 for all seafarers is the Arctic Ocean, which is a permanent danger due to the huge ice deposits. Nevertheless, expeditions or cargo ships always embark on what is probably the most dangerous waterway in the world in order to get to their respective destination – in the best case scenario, this can also be done without damage.


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