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Japan Transportation

Japan Transportation

Bicycle In large cities and in tourist areas there are a large number of providers who rent out bicycles and scooters. Coach Express buses from the bus company JR Bus Kanto connect the major...

Japan Economy

Japan Economy, Nightlife and Climate

ECONOMY Business etiquette A large number of bilingual business cards is essential; they can also be printed in Japan according to neovideogames. Appointments should be made in advance. Due to the etiquette to be...

From Hiroshima to Tokyo

From Hiroshima to Tokyo

Visitors to Japan are amazed that this relatively small Asian country, which is one of the world’s most advanced industrialized countries, also has a rich and fascinating history. During this 11-day tour, we visit...

Japan Population Graph

Japan 2001

Yearbook 2001 Japan. The year began badly for the scandal-plagued government when new Finance Minister Fukushiro Nukaga was forced to resign in January, accused of bribery. The pressure also on Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori...