Landmarks of Costa Dorada, Spain

There are a number of wonderful places to be found on this ‘Golden Coast’ in the east of Spain. No less than two hundred kilometers of coastline with a number of very beautiful beaches make this part of Spanish Catalonia a true holiday resort. Places such as Salou, Sitges, Cambrils and Tarragona attract millions of tourists to the Mediterranean every year. In addition to the fantastic beaches, the places on the coast and inland have plenty to offer. There are dozens of interesting and innovative museums such as the Romantic Museum in Sitges. In cities such as Tortosa and Tarragona, you can experience a lot of culture and history. In short, Costa Dorada makes everyone happy.

Top 10 attractions of Costa Dorada

#1. Tortosa
According to, the historic town of Tortosa has a number of interesting sights. Here you will find the stately 59 meter high Castillo de la Zuda. The castle has a number of Islamic features in addition to its name, including the Muslim cemetery at the entrance. At night, the castle is beautifully lit, making it seem to rise even further above the city. Other highlights of the city of Tortosa are Fort Tang, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Monastery of Santa Clara and palaces such as Palacio Oriol, Palacio Despuig and Palacio Capmany.

#2. Santa Maria Cathedral in Tarragona
The huge Santa Maria Cathedral in Tarragona was built between 1170 and 1331. Since the early 1900s, this cathedral has been designated a national monument. Due to its special architectural style, it immediately attracts your attention. Also considering that it rises high above everything else. A lot of attention has been paid to small details both inside and out.

#3. Universal’s Port Aventura
This huge water/amusement park of Costa Dorada is located on the edge of the immensely popular seaside resort of Salou. In the summer months, the park itself is open until midnight. All kinds of attractions, shows, performances and light and water shows can be seen and/or done. Some areas are broken down by country. There is a Chinese, Mexican, Polynesian and Far West themed section. The highest hypercoaster in Europe alone, the Expedicion al Himalaya, attracts thousands of visitors and fanatics every year.

#4. Nature Park Delta de L’Ebre
This 320 km² wet (wetland) nature reserve is home to many bird species and a rich flora and fauna. Within this natural landscape you will often find beaches, bays, dunes, salt pans, lagoons, rice fields and river islands. You can enjoy a Delta Cruise or visit the information center.

#5. Calafell
This very interesting place is located in the middle of the Baix Penedés region. The most beautiful part of this historic place can be found on the way to the high castle of Santa Creu, also called Ciutadella Ibèerica de Calafell. You walk through narrow streets past medieval remains and rocks. There is also a museum in the castle.

#6. Tarragona
In the city of Tarragona you can still find many Roman remains. For example, the Roman ruins, including an amphitheater, have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. More information can be found in the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona. Furthermore, the city has a considerable number of fascinating sights. Think of the monasteries of Sant Francesc and of the Poor Clares, the cathedral from the 12th century, not to mention the enchanting city center.

#7. Monastery of Montserrat
Hidden between the high mountains and other rock formations, this Benedictine abbey lies at an altitude of about seven hundred meters. The monastery is a well-visited place of pilgrimage. In the basilica is the ‘black Madonna’, which is said to possess exceptional powers.

#8. Romantic Museum
The seaside resort of Sitges has a very special museum. The romantic Museu Romantic ‘Can Llopis’. In the house that once belonged to the wealthy families, you can now find a collection of objects related to the theme of romance. There is an old carriage, nostalgic bicycle, antique dolls and Catalan furnished family rooms.

#9. Meravelles Caves
That there is a lot of beauty to be found underground is once again proven in the Spanish town of Benifallet. The whole consists of six caves. The dimensions are quite different from each other. The special appearances have been formed over the years by stalactites and stalagmites.

#10. Catalunya and Miniatura
A kind of Madurodam, but from Catalonia. It can be found in the town of Torrelles de Llobregat. All important places, monuments and historical sites of the region can be visited here in one day. The park was founded in 1983 by the Ercilla family and is now one of the top 10 tourist attractions.

Costa Dorada, Spain

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