Four Clear Excursion Destinations in Malta

Have you booked a trip to the sunny island nation of Malta and are thinking about what should be on your to-do list? Here are four tips on what not to miss during your Mediterranean island vacation.

Stroll around the capital Valletta

The first tip is to take you to the capital Valletta. You can reach Valletta easily with a short boat ride from Sliema, or via a slightly longer journey by bus or taxi. Valletta differs somewhat from the rest of the island as a genuine and cozy feeling rests over the capital which consists of cozy cobblestone alleys and squares. The charming thing is that the city is so small that you can walk everywhere.

Some of Malta’s best restaurants are located in Valletta and there are also a lot of bars to visit. The Taproom and gin restaurant and the Yard 32 tapas bar in the Manderaggio area are two names to keep in mind.

Visit Casino Malta

According to Eningbo, Casino Malta is located in St Julians, close to the popular nightlife area of ​​Paceville. The casino is lively and relatively large, where everything from slot machines to table games can be had fun. On weekends, live entertainment is often arranged and of course there is the opportunity to both eat and drink in connection with the casino. As online casinos have become more popular and more people have access to games, physical casinos have also received a boost. Going to the casino offers an alternative night out to the bar and club.

With comparison sites that offer great guides for bonus offers, fun games, fast withdrawal methods and gambling with BankID, online casinos have become more accessible to players. People who usually play online also have an increased interest in playing at a local casino.

Take a boat trip to the blue lagoon Comino

Take a boat trip to the blue lagoon Comino

You can reach the blue lagoon Comino with daily boat trips from the ferry camp in Sliema. The boat trip takes about an hour and gives a wonderful experience of the coastline. Once at the lagoon near Comino, which is the name of the island that is right next door, you are met by turquoise blue water that attracts to swimming.

A small parenthesis is that the island during high summer can be very well visited and slightly cramped. If you want luxury, it is also possible to rent a private sailboat, including skippers, for a more exclusive experience. This way you can add in more secluded places, something that is well suited during the summer.

Tourist buses provide a maximized experience

Last but not least, the tip lands on experiencing all the island’s sights by bus. The so-called “hop-off and hop-on buses” are available in two versions, where one goes in a southerly direction and the other in a northerly direction. Over a day, you get a chance to experience all that the island has to offer, where you decide where you want to stay and explore. Perfect for a good overview around the island. If you prefer to keep to the planning yourself, it is of course good to experience the same places with a rental car . With your own car, you have time to see much of the island in a smooth way as it is a smaller country.

Now you have tips for both day and evening activities in Malta. Enjoy a pleasant trip!

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