Costa Rica 2001

Yearbook 2001

Costa Rica. At the beginning of the year, a court in Florida, USA, ordered the American chemical company DuPont to pay damages for a fungicide used in Costa Rica that was found to harm the crops. The decision is considered to open the way for other similar cases involving claims for a total value of $ 150 million.

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Land area 51,100 km²
Total population 5,097,988
Population density (per km²) 99.8
Capital San Jose
Official language Spanish
Income per capita $ 16,900
Currency Costa Rican Colon
ISO 3166 code CR
Internet TLD .cr
License plate CR
Telephone code +506
Time zone UTC – 6
Geographic coordinates 10 00 N, 84 00 W.

On April 23, President Miguel Angel Rodríguez Echeverría signed a free trade agreement with Canada, allowing 86% of Costa Rica’s export products to be imported there duty-free. The agreement is the first of its kind between an in-country and a Central American country. Relations continue to be bad for northern neighboring Nicaragua, which among other things. has protested against Costa Rica letting police boats patrol along the San Juan River on Nicaraguan territory.

Population 2001

According to Countryaah, the population of Costa Rica in 2001 was 4,285,391, ranking number 119 in the world. The population growth rate was 1.580% yearly, and the population density was 83.9307 people per km2.

Costa Rica Population Graph

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