Colombia Entry Requirements

is a general requirement for traveling to Colombia. Of the passport (or the temporary passport) must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry. A return or onward ticket is required for entry by plane. Colombians who are nationals of another country must enter with a Colombian passport.

Visa: Citizens of EU countries (except Poland and Bulgaria), Switzerland and Turkey do not need a visa
for tourist trips with a maximum stay of 180 days in Colombia. When entering Colombia, the immigration authority Migración Colombia issues a stamp that counts as a tourist visa and determines the length of stay. You should therefore pay attention to the approved entry period during the immigration control. If necessary, ask the border official to approve a length of stay that is the same as the planned trip corresponds (prove with invitation letter, return flight tickets or similar). The request is usually complied with.

If you want to stay longer in Colombia than was approved upon entry, you must apply to Migración Colombia for a fee-based extension of your stay in good time. You can find agencies of Migración Colombia in all major cities of Colombia.

If you are entering the country by land (especially at night), you should make sure that you receive an entry stamp at the border.

There is a general visa requirement for business trips as well as for study and work stays. As soon as a trip is not exclusively touristic, a visa is required.

There are no official travel restrictions in Colombia. Nevertheless, due to the intensity of the internal conflict and the high military presence, there may still be actual restrictions on freedom of movement in Colombia.
When leaving Colombia, according to neovideogames, you will receive an exit stamp from the security police.

Visa fees :

visa 32.00 euros, work visa 146.00 euros,
business visa 156.00 euros


For each form and category of visa, the applicant must meet the following general conditions:

  • Present your passport or a valid travel document with at least six (6) months validity, in good condition, with blank pages and photocopies of the pages used
  • The application form must be correctly filled out
  • Include the requirements for the respective visa
  • Three current color photos, from the front, with a white background, size 3×3 cm

Also for a business visa

  • Original letter from the legal representative of the company accrediting the foreign citizen, detailing the activity to be carried out, including a certificate from the statutes or legal representative or
  • Original letter from the public or private entity in Colombia, arranging the visit of the foreign citizen, assuring that they will take responsibility for the foreign citizen during their stay in Colombia, including proof of the existence and legal representation of this entity, or
  • Original letter from the legal representative of the foreign legal entity, accrediting the applicant and providing details of the applicant’s position and the activities to be carried out in Colombia, including certification of the company’s articles of association or legal representation
  • Original letters of the same content with the required annexes signed by the legal representative of the public or private entity in Colombia that brings about the visit of the foreign citizen, as well as documents confirming the economic link between the entities concerned
  • Personal introduction

Documents issued in a language other than Spanish must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator.

Application :

In person or by post at the consulate or consular department of the responsible Colombian embassy (see Colombia – important addresses). The embassy or the responsible consulate generally does not allow intermediaries. The applicant must contact them directly.

In Germany there are two official Colombian consular representations, the consulate general in Frankfurt and the consular department of the embassy in Berlin.
The honorary consuls in Bremen, Hamburg and Stuttgart also fulfill some functions and support the two official consulates.

Processing time:
Depending on the type of visa, usually 2 weeks to a month. The embassy would like to make an appointment by telephone to issue a visa.

Entry with children:
For accompanying children, the same visa requirements apply as for their parents. Every child needs their own travel document, which is valid for at least 6 months upon entry.

Germany: The German child ID card with photo (up to the age of 16) or a separate passport is accepted. Child ID cards are no longer issued in Germany, existing child ID cards remain valid until the expiry date.

Austria: separate passport for children.

Switzerland: separate passport for children.

Children (younger than 18 years) who are not traveling with both parents or legal guardians must be able to show notarized consent from the missing parent or legal guardian when leaving Colombia.

Adequate funds:
Foreign visitors must have sufficient funds for their trip. Vaccinations: You can find detailed information on recommended and required vaccinations for traveling in Colombia in the chapter Colombia – Health and Diseases. Entry with pets:

According to information from the Colombian Agricultural Institute (Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario – ICA, office at El Dorado Airport, Tel.: (011571) 4138893 Fax: (011571) 4138873) the following conditions must be met in order to import animals and pets into Colombia: a veterinary Health certificate and a current vaccination certificate
These documents must be presented to the responsible ICA office at the destination airport as soon as the animal is handed over to you. The documents do NOT have to be certified by the consulate.
It is best to present a health certificate and a vaccination certificate in Spanish or English.
It is forbidden to bring cats into Colombian territory from countries affected by BSE / mad cow disease. This measure also applies to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, among others.

Colombia Entry Requirements

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