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Yearbook 2001

Panama. On June 22, Panama was removed from the list compiled by the OECD on countries that are failing in international cooperation on economic crime. According to Countryaah, President Mireya Moscoso stated that the efforts made since last year to tighten up legislation in this area have borne fruit and that Panama, which has long been a known cure for money laundering, has received recognition for it. A conference on illegal money laundering was also held in Panama at the end of August.

2001 Panama

In mid-August, violent riots occurred in the city of Colón, when an umbrella organization for the unemployed demonstrated against the failure of promised government measures against unemployment. The demonstration began peacefully, but degenerated when the protesters went on a rampage and caused $ 1 million in damages.

Work to improve communications in the channel zone continued during the year. In December, the widening of the canal's narrow passage at Corte Culebra was completed, and on July 1, a railway line connecting the Caribbean with the Pacific Ocean was opened. There are also plans to build a second bridge across the canal, in addition to the 40-year-old Puente de las Américas.

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