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Yearbook 2001

Guinea Bissau. In January, the Resistencia da Guiné-Bissau-Movimiento Bafata (RGB) left the coalition government after a conflict. The government thus had only 37 of the 102 seats in Parliament.

2001 Guinea-Bissau

According to Countryaah, the political situation was tense throughout the year, not least after a series of controversial decisions by President Kumba Yalla. He was accused from several directions, both domestically and internationally, of becoming increasingly dictatorial and unpredictable.

During the fall he dismissed, among other things. three high-ranking judges who had previously been arrested accused of corruption. The judges denied that any crime had been committed. Amnesty International, which saw the intervention as a threat to the judiciary's independent position.

In addition, Yalla had notified 60% of all civilian employees in the state administration about dismissal and cited corruption as a reason. These would be replaced by members of the ruling party. The president has also threatened to use force against those who try to use the military against him.

Seventy MPs gathered in October for an extra session to discuss the president's behavior. The government's credibility was also damaged by the disappearance of $ 17 million from the Treasury.

At the same time, the economic crisis continued. In November, the teachers had not received any salary for a year, a similar situation prevailed for nursing staff.

In early December, 29 people were arrested in connection with what the government said was a coup attempt planned by groups in the military. However, the information was questioned by the opposition, which called on the government to present concrete evidence.

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