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Yearbook 2001

Greece. According to Countryaah, Prime Minister Kostas Simitis furnished his government on October 24. By exchanging a number of veterans with a large group of young reformers, he created a government of 48 ministers - the largest so far under Socialist Pasok. The government would especially devote itself to the preparations for the Athens Olympics in 2004. G. had earlier received international criticism earlier this year for not having progressed far enough in the construction of arenas and when it came to security arrangements.

2001 Greece

MP Vasilios Mikhaloliakos was injured in a bomb attack on January 21. Mikhaloliakos, who belongs to the conservative party ND, had just returned from a speech demanding tougher terrorism. The police made their suspicions against the terrorist group on November 17.

The presence of 450 peacekeeping Greek NATO soldiers in Macedonia in August led to intensive diplomatic contacts between G. and Macedonia, which has a lengthy dispute over who has the right to use the name Macedonia.

Following the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11, G. vowed to support the US fight against terrorism. But when the US began its war in Afghanistan, the Greeks were by far the most US-critical residents of any NATO country.

Swedish 17-year-old Calle Jonsson was arrested in July on the island of Kos accused of knife-cutting a man. According to his lawyer, the charges were based on testimony that emerged after pressure from the police.

Twelve British and two Dutch citizens were arrested on November 8 at a Greek military airport, where they devoted themselves to watching aircraft, so-called plane mocking. They were charged with espionage and risking 20 years in prison, but were released on bail in mid-December.

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