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Yearbook 2001

Ghana. The newly elected President John Kufuor took office in January. He immediately struck a bitter tone, explaining that the tough economic situation would require sacrifices by the people.

2001 Ghana

After only a month, he dismissed the sports minister since he lost a $ 45,000 cash portfolio, which the football team would receive if it won a World Cup qualifier.

In a gesture intended to bridge more than 20 years of masked military rule, Kufuor promised that the remains of eight generals executed in 1979 would be unearthed and buried. According to Countryaah, the generals, including three former presidents, had been executed on orders by Kufuor's predecessor Jerry Rawlings.

The army also highlighted that Rawlings epoch was definitely over by pronouncing unreserved support for Kufuor and withdrawing Rawling's military bodyguard.

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