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Yearbook 2001

2001 AlbaniaAlbania. At the beginning of the year, the two largest parties, the Socialists and the Democratic Party PDS, agreed on a code of conduct for the June and July parliamentary elections. The electoral movement also became the most peaceful after the fall of communism. In particular, it was noted that the PDS leader and former President Sali Berisha, whose party formed an alliance with three other opposition parties, abstained from confrontational politics. But when it became clear that the socialists had won, he refused to accept the result. The Socialists returned slightly compared to the 1997 elections, but retained their majority. The party received 41% of the vote and 73 of the 140 seats in Parliament, which was reduced from the previous 155 seats. According to Countryaah, Prime Minister Ilir Meta formed a new government in early September. The Democratic Party and its allies boycotted Parliament when it rallied.

2001 Albania

In a report, the United Nations Environment Agency UNEP identified several severely polluted areas in Albania.

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