Zumba: the Club Med

I’m more like the type that can be lying on the chaise longue, the rich grapes on. But now and then I move sometimes.

What I experience here, I write in the editorial.


This sport should be such that it does not even notice to make sport. Super, I guess!

“Club Med” I thought that I have seen in a Club Med documentary on TV! Any bounce around and are totally HAPPY! Ok, I’m going to leave my horse and put me in the ground of about 60 total Happy People and pretend I was also TOTAAL HAPPY! Of course I am not, but do still bravely.

It goes back, forth, back, forth, up, down and around in circles. Arms Up, Arms left, right, down and always nice wiggle the poschie. All this to Salsa music and with a choreography that anyone can join. We clap, call anything and to SMILE. Not so easy when you are totally out of breath and how I-sweat-never-I-Latina-trainer can speak at the pace yet, I find very scary.

The take but all drugs

I sometimes look and “lie hey, you surely also rather on the sofa, what a Gehampel here” to with gymnast in this knowing look at. But all, regardless of age, are fully on the totally-happy drug. Ah! they have previously distributed what! Small colorful pills and I do not get, must therefore also focuses instead look silly.(Concentrating Animal T is with me: Merkel-lip one-100% grumpy)

There is not a long series of steps, but each song has a new episode. If me is hopped in a song too much, I do with anyway, because in 3.5 minutes is indeed over. Very tricky and without pills!

Right is where the thumb is left

Zumba is indeed the case as they say: Just dance. Here all ages and body types are represented. And it shows up again very clearly that fitness has nothing with age, to do with weight. I am with my stomach not alone here and do not belong to the most vulnerable time.

Zumba can make anyone who can clap a four-four time and as a salsa step you can you know, downed with two glasses of mescal. Something bumpy it, if one has a right-left dyslexic beside him and one toward rotates in four steps until it crashes is. Right, right, two small steps, Arms Up, Right BÄHM! Without brakes popping my neighbor and I together. First they looked at me angrily, with a small view on the other, she realizes that she was the blind chicken and apologizes itself.
Protipp: added filters in the ranks.

After each song all applaud, I like that. In the next room jump since felt twenty minutes 45 people jumping jacks, OPEN CLOSE OPEN CLOSE OPEN CLOSE OPEN CLOSE on the parade is not palmed which make only we from Club Med.

A bit of it is as before at the disco where they had danced until a sweat in torrents running down. Where can you that? Power so no more. Today it is cool in clubs and whips around. Perhaps this is the great success of Zumba, remembering sticky cocktails, the first snog and the first heartbreak, the often dramatic presented itself, as he really was. At that time, was the motto: I steeeeeerbe and just fits very well with my constitution, rumhampeln after already 40 minutes.

Sometimes intersect the attention of participants and any giggles in purely because you might just wobbled, oblivious to much with the butt or very bust size has geshaked. Zumba is just about fully für’n ass – and what a! Stramme buttocks you get here in any case.

Sure, there are the officious there who still dancing in bikini top DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR behind the coach – I say yes: a bit like in the schoolyard.

Conclusion Zumba:

– It allows anyone, even the guys!
– You come playfully total sweat and sometime it is then so far and with the HAPPY! Spills over. Disadvantages: – The music. I’ve never been a real Latin fan. For me this Lambada is a nightmare for the poor. A Soul-hour Zumba would be more my thing. – This Hola chica que tal, me goes a bit to the transmitter. But if I have my academic feminist phase again, I can over do to Drill Sergeant and 30 minutes jumping jacks. Sale of the Century: I’ve long shed the sweat and was so ready and that’s why I’ll come back.

And next week I go to Urban Street Dance 16 years. WHAT? Over 16! From to 22 stood nix!