Zizzi Black Label

Zizzi Black Lable: an eternity I’ve been waiting for this collection. Last year sometime I could take a first look at it and was instantly in flames. Absolutely my. Maybe here and there a bit of color or what light it and finished. Ah or simply black again. With the blue along the just looks so classy. Feminine, classic and finally something really fancy, beyond the adit trouser suit.

Now finally to have in Germany the collection. To date, over navabi, I have but heard ringing thing that they will soon also be available elsewhere. More on this when the offer is also available.

Left: Very far geschnittner pinstripe blazer, almost a cape in dark blue. To order at 120 Euro. The blazer is made of wool. Right: a shirtwaist with a little tip.

Links: dress made of two layers. Right: long coat with mohair. Skip to collection

Now that I have had a very casual summer, I am right again on a couple of uncomfortable shoes, beautiful stockings and what chic and feminine to me. Hopefully the quality is right. Those that I touched, was quite good and I just hope that Zizzi has remained with the fabrics. With less Qualiltät the look is namely guaranteed backfires.

Last weekend I’ve ever been grooved with little shoes and dresses. It is the little black dress of the other day.