Your Favorite Outfit 2015 Join-in Action and Blog Parade


Day the lady and welcome to the last month of the year.

First of all, I’m pretty proud that I have defied all temptations and NO Advent doing. That’s even worse than last year. Even the team from the scene makes a. Not that I think that’s not nice, but to me it is just too much so. Daily Newsletter ten, on Facebook, every second posting a door. As I swim rather against the current and am considering a few nice blast at the beginning.

Nevertheless, December is contemplative, we look back and this year launched and ends with the terrible news from Paris that all go close and allow us to despair.

I want to get your thoughts on something else. What were your favorite moments? Were you in a great holiday, a wedding, her parents have become? But even the little things, the one time, when the sun was very dark and the sky was lit up for a long time. The moment in which you something really well managed. The one moment in which you have looked someone in the eye and knew that it is here to the L-word. The day your first home-grown tomato was red and morning greeted you on the balcony and of course your favorite outfit, 2015.

I go ahead times and say that one of the best moments is not so long ago, it was the night in which my brother called me and told me that he has finally arrived. At a stroke, my mother grandma, my brother father, my sister and mother I was aunt. That was very moving, and I look forward to our first baby Christmas.
There were also many small moments, new friends, nice projects and small memories of hot summer nights in which the night was made the day or Blog actions as to your wedding outfits

My favorite outfit? Not easy, this year I’m pretty back and forth fluctuated between casual to elegant.

One of these two it be like:

And now you:

If you a beautiful story, a small fine experience that you yourself like to remember and of course have a 2015 outfit that you want to share everything with us, then do with and send them to both:
Fill your details like order :
your name or nickname and age (if you want)

If You Blogger / in’re a / e viewing categories and participate in the blog parade, send me the link, I build a your contribution with a small teaser photo. You can have up to 24/12/15 join.

It will run so that we do here our own calendar and I on a daily consolidation treatment the newcomers. I look forward to a merry Christmas with all your submissions!


There is no story, because it is true. I married the best man (yes, say the se all) of the world! The remarkable thing is that I am so very pleased, although I “not so important” felt the Civil Marriage as.
Ecclesiastically is married next year, but this year turns to me everything just to us both – and it makes me very happy. Thank congratulation, you see great!