Young Fashion Design: Mable

Last season I got to know at the Fashion Week Berlin Katja, focusing on the curvy looked to establish new contacts and inspirations for their fashion collection mable to collect.
I thought that was exciting. Once more the designer now I had the interview, who have long and successful in business, I am happy times to have a newcomer in conversation.

Hello Katja, tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Katja, lived for several years with my soon-husband in Munich and stayed here last year founded after my bachelor’s degree in fashion design “mable”. Baking and read are currently my favorite pastimes because I like plastered the delicious things from the oven to a good book.

You’re with your team and your label “mable” in the market. As it happened, to specialize in large sizes?

We do not at all actually) In mable it comes to the outside to let the existing drawers as “normal size” and “oversize” in front and easy to carry the one in which you feel comfortabl with plus size denim pants e. That women around the world, both with more and can feel comfortable in their skin with fewer curves well, thing is clear.
Therefore, the emphasis rather on certain body shapes, with us affectionately called “fruit salad” to dress. The strawberry girls , so that with a lot of bust and great legs, are other sections, than pears Ladies , which, for this are rather narrow obenrum lush around the Popo. We put the focus rather on chocolate pages than to unpopular locations and laminating this. Since I started with miss bartoz, more than four years ago, a lot has changed in the plus-size model market. What do you think about that?

Entirely my opinion. In Germany, we still lag a bit behind, but for example, Belgium, Denmark and of course the US is way ahead when it comes to fresh cuts that are not black bags and tents.
We have there but definitely still room for improvement, what the image of the Plus Size – As industry. In magazines, a very one-sided picture is still needed, what concerns the body of women, more diversity I would also desire since.

Recently Michalsky said something in general about the fashion market. Namely, that you can do as a designer what you want the designs depend six weeks later at C & A, H & M or sold through asos. So creativity brings hardly any money. Do you make similar experiences? And it is easier to position themselves in a niche?

Because the good Lord Michalsky is absolutely right. However, he says, as if it were a novelty. It has always been that the great designers setting trends which are picked up by companies such as H & M, asos & Co. and implemented mainstream compatible. This does not mean that creativity barely makes money.

Creativity does not stop on in style. It is the idea that exists to design around and the question of what the label whose dud you just wearing it says. Plotting H & M, it is mediocre quality, the advocacy of very poor working and living conditions for closer and just for Copycat design.

In our parts it stands for exclusivity, the certainty that our collection by EU Directive is produced under reasonable conditions for our hardworking Nähbienchen and of course for design that is not soon find at H & M. These large companies produce parts that appeal to a large group of people. mable parts and our philosophy are very special and so not “mainstream”.
In this respect, it is natural for us easier to position ourselves in this niche. There are other, but simply less people, responsive design, want to wear it and also be able to pay the rather high price.

Your moments, since you are in the market with mable?
Our first show last August, for which we received a lot of praise and encouragement. The first time with“Enter, mable ‘?” To be addressed and to obtain the first order from someone you do not know.

What can we expect of you, as it will continue with mable?
We will soon our next two collections for Autumn / Winter 2015 and Spring / Summer imagine 2016 and thus increase also step-by-step our size range for winter to 52 and for summer to 54. This was wished a lot and we were able to implement it at last. Also is rumored that we present in the winter at the next Fashion Week…;)

Ui, I’m excited! Thank you Katja for the interview. I must say that me your approach without the categorizations “about” “under” and so on to work, very like.

And here photos from the latest collection:
© Photos Lookbook: Ruth Schmidt, Runway: F & J Photography