Yes, We r Fit–Curvy Fashion Editorial

I love it when someone makes pictures of plus size fashion right bells, look magazine, because we need that. I loved it, in particular, this initiative of the Curvy Fashion-company focusing on professionalization and visual rehabilitation plus size segment – in producing the editorial Yes, We r Fit (Yes, we’re in shape), an alert that the extra pounds mean live immersed in the sedentary lifestyle. Live talking about this with you and reinforcing the importance of being active and taking part in some kind of physical activity that we like because it is not a question of aesthetics and Yes take care of body and mind.

According to the Curvy, Fashion editorial is to encourage the practice of physical activities with a focus on health and quality of life. A survey conducted by the University of Cambridge in England, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, pointed out that the number of deaths related to physical inactivity is two times greater than the linked to obesity. “People still hold that idea that fatties live played on the couch eating various goodies. But this stereotype is gone. Each day more people are becoming aware of what it takes to move, go to the gym or exercising in the Park, walk the dog, just take a healthier life, regardless of the size of your mannequin. And without that Elmo counting calories or sculpting the perfect body. Our proposal with the Yes, We r Fit is to encourage the public plus size for quality of life, “said journalist Joyce Matsushita, Executive Director of the company and responsible for creating and directing the editorial.

Photos of Yes, We r Fit were made by renowned photographer Philip Menegoy, specializing in plus size, and the star of the editorial is the current Miss Brazil Plus Size, Denise Gimenez, 35 years, one of the first professional models of Brazil which has been excelling in social networks for a healthier lifestyle. In an attempt to expand this campaign to the public plus size Fashion Curvy created the hashtag #yeswerfit on Facebook for more and more people show I have ever joined and incorporate healthy habits in your day to day I went back to the gym and is quite noticeable with our quality of life improves when we exercise, so here we go! Post your pictures and encourage other people to seek for more quality of life.

I thought as much because I am a promoter of physical activities: it’s not because we’re fat that are or have to be sedentary. I go to the gym happy and happy because I know how important it is for my quality of life and if you still won’t, find out what you love to do and you play, girl!