XXL Beautiful Red Long Sleeve Dress With Flowing Skirt

1950s dress with flowing skirt, which is one of our most popular dress models. You can now also get in a long-sleeve version.

The dress has a fantastic fit. It is produced in a very elastic and soft lycra quality. It is really nice and feels very comfortable to wear.


This model suits both for a great dress and to a button as big bosom, because the material adapts to the body out. the great elasticity. And the dress highlights on flotteset show female forms.

The skirt has a lot of range. It flutters dashing around the legs when you go and when you dance. And it falls into many pleats really nice of both the stomach and buttocks.

XXL Beautiful Red Long Sleeve Dress With Flowing Skirt

Big Black Dress with Cupcake Print
This beautiful 50s dress will really arouse attention with its super nice cupcake print. More on http://www.hoticle.com/cat/plus-size-wrap-dresses/
The dress has small cute sleeves that sit really nice on the shoulders.
And a very flattering diamond shaped neckline.
On the back has the v-neckline and hidden zipper.
And so it has of course a crazy with lots of fill and the classic 50 ‘ length to just below the knee. More on http://www.hoticle.com/cat/plus-size-retro-dresses/.
The dress is made in a very good and strong cotton quality with a little stretch. There is before in the upper part but not in the skirt.