Xica Vaidosa Online Store : Plus Size Clothes Legal And Affordable !

Dear, I’ve been waiting for this moment for years: finally WE HAVE ONLINE STORE OF XICA VAIDOSA !!!! YEEEYY I confess that if it were not for my trip to Rio de Janeiro (the “Wonderful City!”) And my sudden bizarre flu that has left me in bed, I would have told you for days, Celebrate and I’ll explain why. Xica Vaidosa is one of the youngest and most daring brands we have in the plus segment. She has the courage to invest in trends that would be “forbidden” to fat and always does it in a very cool way before anyone else – even before even small numbering marks. I’ve lost count, from cropped 1990 ( look here ) to the long waistcoat and kimono from the collection we put together ( here and here ), from how many fashionable pieces Xica released before we even started to see it in the Brazilian windows and editorials . So far beauty, but the big question is that Xica Vaidosa did not sell to the final audience. No! Xica Vaidosa only sold to resellers like online stores and plus size physicals, which was cool, because you found parts of them in everything that is place, but it was bad because if you liked a specific piece, it was super difficult to guess in which store would sell . To make matters worse, this step of going through resellers made the product even more expensive, since Xica Vaidosa needed to make a profit on the sale and then the reseller also needed a profit to maintain the online / physical store. That is: the consumer ended up paying the duck … Or rather, it ended up paying double. And then we get to the cause of all my excitement: the online store of Xica Vaidosa brings all the products together in one place and with a more affordable – and much fairer – than before. And to have a base is only to compare the piece of Xica with some piece in department store … The value is similar or better! Anyway, to celebrate this historic moment of the brand she decided to launch a collection of Carnival and I was chosen to have fun in this game! AMEI ♥ I chose some photos below, but it’s worth going to the Carnival special to know more> our site

Anyway, gatonas, I think many of you already know Xica, but who does not know yet, I indicate super!


Well, pussies, that’s it for now, I hope you were as happy with the news as I am, after all it will be much easier to find the coolest looks!Come on over there and then tell me what you found, okay?