With Lena Through the Winter

Actually, Lena Gercke Yes much rather like the summer. The model has betrayed us with what tricks she still in a good mood coming through the cold season. Plus: Your favorite beauty trend for 2017

OUR SITE: What do you like better – winter or summer?

Lena Gercke: Actually, I’m a summer kid. I love the Sun and I love to go out only in a T-Shirt. You feel free in the summer and are all better mood. But the winter has something very special. It’s nice when all white and is so quiet. In Munich, the winter like very much because it is so fast in the mountains.

OUR SITE: Do you have a good mood tip for a gloomy winter day?

Lena Gercke: On such days I’m cozy’s like once at home by the fireplace. I watch a series, read a good book or insert a spa day. I find it very nice!

OUR SITE: Begrudge you your skin in the winter a special treatment?

Lena Gercke: My skin is very sensitive. Therefore, I must protect them from the cold wind and the dry air especially in winter and well maintain. I use a thick cream that moisturizes very much, and in the morning a rich day cream in the evening. Of which I have a small portion of whatever, because the skin as quickly dry out in the winter. I like it when the skin looks fresh and light shines. That’s why I wear times again and again a hyaluronic acid and moisture mask. This is perfect in the winter!

OUR SITE: Which beauty products are also you in the winter in the handbag?

Lena Gercke: I have always a lip balm, because even my lips in the cold and the heating air dry out so quickly. Actually, I’m all day at the lubrication in the winter. Also in my handbag is always a concealer. I am one of the people who get a red nose of Rudolf immediately as soon as they leave the House. And she can be with some concealer cover quickly.

OUR SITE: Is there a makeup look that you particularly like wearing in winter?

Lena Gercke: In the winter I like it if you even dispensed on a foundation and relies instead on rich day cream and compensates small bumps with a concealer. This includes some mascara and a fresh color on the lips. The main thing to look fresh. However, my all time favorite is a highlighter. I use daily the strobing stick by Maybelline. It can be spread quickly and easily – this is especially important, because it must always come morning.

OUR SITE: And what is your favorite makeup trend for 2017?

Lena Gercke: Lip contouring! This is a major issue and you can see it everywhere now.

OUR SITE: On what remedies you sit, to get healthy through the winter?

Lena Gercke: ginger tea! I’m always cold hands and cold feet. And so a tea warms me really within seconds. Then a hot bath… and soups! I’m a big fan of soups. My family and I like to cook chicken soup. We then buy a large chicken, about two hours in a large pot to boil. Connect come even vegetables and spices for this purpose and completed. This is the best thing that you can do in such a cold winter.

OUR SITE: from the food to the sports – what is your fitness routine in the winter?

Lena Gercke: I do prefer outdoor sports and go love to run – for example along the ISAR River with us in Munich. However I had to Dodge now in the gym, because it is too slippery in the snow.

OUR SITE: In grey and cold winter you can motivate Yes unfortunately often much harder to the sport. Do you have a tip?

Lena Gercke: Directly in the morning, I play sports. I get up and put on my gym clothes and go out – without long thinking. I then also getting much more awake and after a shower ready for the day. Also, I make sure that my sport routine is never boring. I not only jog but also time to do yoga or play tennis. Sports may be simply not boring, then you no longer want.

OUR SITE: do you choose ski, sled or sofa – what you on a winter day?

Lena Gercke: Sled! I unfortunately still not so good can go skiing. I’m still in the baby-exit and the kids to always see me as I no longer had it all. While she down flit the mountain, I stand there and think about how I will get the next curve. I also have unfathomable fear of heights. But I stay on the line and try me! I think great sledding. Last year I was the birthday with my best friends in Kitzbuehl. There we were night-time tobogganing. That was very funny!