White Plus Size Clothing

Fresh and virginal color par excellence, white is always considered good when the sun is the tip of her nose. He knows how to be chic for ceremonies, bucolic go for a stroll, or even casual class for office attire.

How to Wear White Plus Size Clothing?

First, if the white is ultra chic, it’s not always easy to bring the total look because he echoes nurses outfits or married. Please note also, if you go to a wedding this summer please do not wear a total white look, it would be not a fashion faux pas but a lack of tact! A white room yes but not too much of it, it should not be that we confuse with the bride!

Otherwise, even with rather large, one can absolutely wear white, provided they make the right choices.

What underwear?

Contrary to popular belief, we do not wear a white bra under white clothing, it appears too! The ideal is the color of flesh or underwear most amazing red garnet for darker skins.

If you complexez a small belly or bulges in the back, do not hesitate to wear the shapewearto smooth your figure well.

Attention to the matter!

This is the key point when we want to wear white, even in total look or with a large piece like a dress.

Flee the materials that stick to the skin or too small that may bring out all the imperfections of the skin. Choose heavier materials / natural then strained or as linen and cotton that will help you in addition to not suffer from the heat.

Tips According To Your Body

  • Morphology A: your shoulders are narrower than your hips, use white on the upper body.The shoulders appear wider and will be in harmony with the hip width.
  • Morphology V: your shoulders are wider than your hips, opt for skirts and white trousers that have the advantage of bringing light and attention to the lower body and thus balance the silhouette.
  • Morphology O or H: you can wear any white clothing, the purpose is to attract attention wherever you wish. For example if you prefer to draw attention to your bust, a tunic or a white shirt are perfect. The silhouette is of redesigned suite, more feminine and glamorous.

What to wear white?

For a distinguished look, bet on marriage between black and white. To warm up, dare to associate it with sand-colored to brown, through beige.

It is a tone that has the advantage of marrying all! You can also create a multitude of looks based to a simple white T-shirt !

Discover our selection of white plus size clothing


A small must-have to have in his dressing room when not on her hips too complex: the white skirt!

Fluid & Light

This is what qualifies this pretty blouse crepe.


What would a summer without capris?


This beautiful top with peplum heart neckline reveals a panel in the back made to order by a New York artist painter.

Ceremony For

We found the perfect dress for ceremonies season!

Dare you white plus size clothing this season?