White Lace Skirts: Fashion Tips

The skirt is a feminine wardrobe piece that never goes out of style. Always present in the history of mankind, the piece has undergone several transformations throughout the centuries but never lost its position of being one of the items preferred by the women.  There were variations in the fabrics, cuts, lengths and shapes, always adapting the skirt to the reality of the time.

White Lace Skirt

Lace skirts are one of the most feminine and sexy options for dressing a woman’s body and highlighting her curves without making her appear vulgar. The traditional white color has a simple beauty but that can leave the production super fucked and creative. Meet some models of white lace skirt and learn how to combine them with blouses and accessories for a powerful look.

The straight lace skirt is a good choice for various physical types. The chubby ones can have the body shaped with the use of a longer skirt with knee length and a darker colored blouse like black and brown for example. The use of accessories on the hip makes them look even bigger, so it’s good to avoid them. The skinny people can benefit from the power that white has to give volume and stay with the hip a little more accented. Draw attention with accessories in the area and use a slightly shorter length. On the feet wear delicate high heels or sandals.

The model with little babes allows the creation of a rather jovial and sexy look. Combine with longer shirts that hide the butt and compensate for the lack of cloth of the shorter models. Choose vibrant and cheerful colors like red, orange, pink pink and royal blue that create contrast with white and give great prominence to the costumes.Wear it with thin, delicate heel sandals and avoid boots and sneakers that break the look’s delicacy.

The long skirt is always a very chic and elegant option for any occasion. Combine the piece with basic blouses such as regata or aga 3/4 and avoid jackets and overlays that take the costume class. Colors such as green, red, orange, brown and black are great for giving contrast and value curves without losing and finesse. On the feet bet on delicate heeled sandals that match the blouse. Never place heavy accessories and prefer small parts to maintain the sophistication of the proposal.