When September Ends

I need hardly say most of that holds the summer covered, hidden or perhaps already has disappeared. As even the autumn snowed catalog from H & M in my mail box, I could not resist this oncoming autumn feeling. I admit well and like to open that autumn is one of my favorite seasons not just fashionable. I like the wind and sunny days, which would be slowly shorter and colder, I am looking forward to grab me in several layers and wear thick boots. Even if I miss the Sun at the moment, I have myself given this anticipation of the autumn and ever tinkered a little mood Board.

I don’t know about you guys, but in Germany the sun is hiding for quite a long time, maybe it is gone for good? It is raining, pretty stormy and everyday, about 14 ° C when the new H&M catalogue arrived at my door steps I couldn’t resist and the mood for autumn got me. I proudly atmitt that fall is one of my favorite season, I love the wind and when the days start to get shorter on Caroline but are still sunny. Even if I miss the sun at the moment, I put together a little moodboard about I want my fall wardrobe to look like.

The fashion is as colourful as the autumn trees themselves, mustard-yellow and dark to bright reds, feminine cuts, soft pastel colors, much Brown and leather, feathers, coarse wool and playful details. Thanks to my hair color change, I’m now also times red and earth tones get trust. I have a wine red dress at H & M ordered, and this yellow makes me a bit. The fabric in the background is a modish chiffon, which I will be ordering my DaWanda to sew a pretty dress on it, I hope that works out.

Do you think already in the autumn? Or her displaces the cooler season a little backwards?

I think this case is going to be as colorful as the leaves on the trees, yellow and red in all shades, feminine cuts, soft pastel colors, a lot of brown and leather, feathers and playful details. Since I changed my hair color to a more natural color I want to try out some red and earthtonecolors this year, too. I already ordered a wine red dress from H & M, so this yellow colors child of turns me on. The fabric in the background is a champagne colored chiffon that I want to order a dress from it at Dawadna to sew, I hope it works out. Do you already think about autumn or do you still avoid thinking of it celebrating summer?