What You Should Keep In Mind Before You Buy New Clothes

1. Get in the right frame of mind.
A couple of small mental changes can make all the difference in how you look, and (best of all), they are completely free. Grow your confidence in these areas:

Don’t look so much at the orders of the stickers. Particularly in Europe, can be extremely arbitrary and non standard clothing sizes, from designer to designer. You should not focus on maintaining a certain size, and then find yourself heartbroken when the vehicle that suits you is bigger than that. Instead focus on finding clothes that fit. If it helps, then remove all size marks from your clothes.

Use the time to care for yourself. You are worthy of attention, and you deserve to feel optimum. Schedule time each day to care, and do not postpone for another day. Do you tell yourself it’s OK to see sloppy out because you already are overweight, are the worst thing you can do. Pay attention to your skin, hair, nails and toenails, body hair and makeup.

Accept your body as it is today. You may have long term goals to change your body, but chances are, it will not happen overnight. Instead of keeping an eye on what your body is not, so set the price on what it is exactly this day. Remember, you only get one body – be good at it!

(to be continued)