Wedding Guest Outfit

It was the wedding of my best friend in Berlin and I was a week before preparing ready and complete. Then came the day before a text to my girlfriend, who have come together with family, like all non-Berliners Assumption: We forgot our outfits in Hamburg. This is not really insanely exciting story, would not show the difference of diversity between Straight Sizes and Plus Size so beautiful.

I that right after the news that she said yes and we still have no date, began to look for dresses that drugstores searched for a bright tights in size 52, which has ordered matching lingerie together and just in jewelry and shoes is simply gone off to be something of been screwed.

My friend was with her husband on Friday at 10:00 in Zara and has a “Shopping Queen appearance” put down, with the announcement: be We have 45 minutes at the registry office and need dress, jacket, shoes, jewelry and a suit for my husband , Frankly, I would like there been there. Your wedding outfit, incidentally, was super and in no way an emergency, quite the opposite.

But what would I have done? I would have increased in the next train, and my outfit would have brought. Within 45 minutes to buy a wedding guest outfit together is almost impossible with a dress size 52ndNevertheless, to be told that it has one or the other are in Berlin, you can find here: P LUS SIZE SHOPPING GUIDE BERLIN

My friends had planned a wedding of Britsh-vintage and Tango. Made In other words, as for me.

The pictures speak for themselves really. Everything about this outfit I love. The shoes with just the right heel height and the loop, the jewelry, my hair and of course this super dress! Because it is down dark, it also makes a great figure. It has small pockets in the side and is characterized really comfortable.

The last straw is surely the jacket which will accompany me throughout the summer. He falls nice and light, is not as rigid as it might seem, and in the fall I can wear it with long gloves.

Also it has been shown that it makes sense to invest, which holds 24 and later dancing survives easy times in a make-up.

The wedding took place in the Kennedy Registry Office of Berlin and only the committed already to a certain style;)

Scones, clotted cream, sandwiches, tarts and Earl Grey. The classic high tea was one of the many lovely details that made this day for everyone present unforgettable.

Later much was dancing, I was glad not to have held back, but have tried everything and later released on the dance floor)

Shop the look:

Two-toned dress

Jacket British vintage

Shoes With Bow

Today I wear the great coat, incidentally, with jeans and bright booties, is also great. So my tip: if you already invested in the wedding of your best friend, it makes long term. Everything else would be a shame.