Violeta by Mango

Plus Size brands presented: Violeta by Mango

About two years ago Mango has its plus size brand VIOLETA launched and not only I thought that was a pretty great thing. What I like about it, that there is no design for the large sizes that differ greatly from the brand Mango. This can be found in so quite a few fashion houses like this. For the straight sizes there are the trends for the large sizes the Tiger Leggings, once said exaggerated.

Violeta is the Spirit of the parent brand Mango faithful and brings gifts in the usual classic and redeemed designs.

Here are some pictures from the current fall collection:

There was initially a pure Violeta shop in Munich and in my shopping tour through holland, I found a Mango store with Violeta. Meanwhile you get the brand in Germany almost exclusively online here: VIOLETA
shop in Munich is closed again, but according to a reader there should be in Barcelona one more. She sent me a picture:

Initially there was a lot of feedback on the sizes of Violeta. As we see a similar phenomenon as with Zara, Spanish sizes are not comparable with the Germans. They are usually smaller than a number of our usual, you have to, especially when shopping online, know.

New sizes for Violeta

Whether it protest or simple sales figures were: Since the beginning of Violeta has grown with the variables a number and now offers up to size 54th That was for me personally, with a dress size 52, good news, in the 54 I fit namely in now. Whoever follows me here for some time, know that I just like to like this kind of design.

Two years ago…

You might remember even when Violeta is started, they had a campaign model Robyn Lawley, 186 large, clothing size 44th

There were quite a PR vortex. The one she was too thin, the next back to thick. In my opinion, the offer of Violeta by Mango raises the exasperating debate on a little. Especially because it just does not “Mode for thickness” is, but just from the fashion house Mango.