Fashion for authentic women. This is the motto that TRIANGLE would like to meet. As of this season, the brand is also available at navabi. A good opportunity to talk about the current collection with Global Product Director Martina Schulte-Block.

How would you describe the current TRIANGLE collection?
TRIANGLE is casual chic with casual, feminine coolness. Always self-confident and authentic, but never self-love.Fashion with the certain something and great details. We deal with TRIANGLE trend themes in a targeted manner, without categorizing in dress sizes or age. The look is characterized by a combination of styles that can be combined for various occasions. The collections are complemented by matching accessories such as bags, fashion jewelry, scarves and belts.

Under the motto “Perfect Pieces”, TRIANGLE presents perfect key pieces for the autumn/winter season 2015, which can be styled into a variety of looks that underline the personality of the individual wearer.

What details do you use this autumn/winter?
TRIANGLE sets clear fashion statements with a harmony of colors, details and modern silhouettes. Whether smart business woman or eye-catching fashionista: The TRIANGLE woman always land a trend hit. Neutral colors are the basis for the colors. Trendy black-and-white images, metallic color effects and cool blue shades are indispensable. Bright camel and autumnal reds look stylish and urban. Soft materials with voluminous grip and hairy effects dominate the season. Woolen fabrics and soft bouclés are always in fashion. Denims are consistently destroyed and used. Animal print is reinterpreted in neutral tones and discreet statement-wordings form beautiful details.

The TRIANGLE collections make women look good, make them self-confident and happy.

Where can you get inspired by the designs?
In addition to the international catwalks of the modem stations such as New York, Milan and London, the inspiration for our designs comes mainly from my team, which every day tries to arouse the courage to fashionista our customers.

What criteria do your designs have to meet? What image do you have in the back of your head when you design?
At TRIANGLE we offer women the same joy and passion, regardless of the size of the dress or age. I also place these demands on our designs. The TRIANGLE collections make women look good, make them self-confident and happy.

TRIANGLE makes fashion for authentic, self-confident women. For fashionaffine women, fashionistas and all who would like to fashion themselves. For those who want to do more for themselves or who want to change, but always want to remain faithful to it.

How did the label TRIANGLE come into existence?
The TRIANGLE brand has emerged from the needs of our customers. 97 per cent of women in Germany and Europe do not match the ready-to-wear sizes displayed on the catwalks from Milan to Paris. With growing age and growing garment size, it is becoming increasingly difficult for these women to find fashionable clothing that suits them, as the fashion industry does not adequately serve this change. With TRIANGLE, we give these women a brand which they wear with pride. A fashionable collection that is tailored to your needs.

What do you want for the future of plus size fashion?
I hope that the theme Plus-Size as such will no longer be discussed, get out of the niche and become normality.We all have a size, no matter what, we are all-sizes.


Martina Schulte-Block, Global Product Director at TRIANGLE, tells us her fashion favorites and who is her own personal style.

Your favorite part of the current collection?
Our trendy autumn coat in Leo look as well as our refined leather jacket are my current collection lovers.

Your personal style?
Elle Macpherson because of her likeable, casual coolness, her authenticity and her noble and relaxed look. Iris Berben because of her adult, feminine and very elegant style and her self-confident naturalness.

What is your favorite fashion achievement?
A wide blowjob in the 70s look and cool platform heels.

Black or white?
Very clear: white! Especially great to fine-cut jewelery made of gold or rose gold, which is just so fashionable, and in combination with white beautiful to the advantage.

Dress or pants?
Dress and trousers. I style short dresses like a pants and so create an exciting new look.

City trip or beach holiday?
During the day at the beach, in the evening for strolling and for a great dinner in the city.

Fashion is for me…?
Expression of my personality – varies according to mood, but always up to date.

Your wardrobe favorite?
A good-fitting jeans, a trendy blouse and a great feel-good-pullover.

Most beautiful moment in your job?
When I see our collection at the customer. Just a few days ago I met my neighbor in a TRIANGLE shirt-it was a really nice moment!