Friends of bright colors, this post is for you. On Wednesday, I’m going to a Trashpop party. A taste-free evening with bright colors, probably once again too much vodka and that of all best? Oli P. hangs up. Yes the OLI P.! I am eager and happy, excited. I love bad button, trash & 80’s aerobics style. Simply everything you combine what good or crap wardrobe, makeup, that you would dare never or now assume a new identity for the evening finds, a bit Flomarkt or Mamas.

I have still a lot of stuff in the Cabinet, including former parties that I will use, but to give some inspiration and insight you of what I imagine under the motto, I at various plus site shops pulled times stuff, somewhere between really good and terrible lie, every case when combining it with each other. Because that should be said again, not of the things here that I find really terrible, but it does stop the mixture. I find also Tracksuits by Papa, sweat bands around the head and chunky sneakers, mirrored sunglasses & everything somehow reticulate looks always very well.

Are you a friend of bold and neon colors? This post is for you. I am going to go to a trashpop party on wednesday. I will be a exempt from any taste and filled with bright colors, probably to much vodka and as a highlight: Oli P. will be the DJ. Okay, Oli P. won’t let your bells ring, but he was a big soap star in the 90s, played a big role in the daily soap “Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten”, he also was a singer/rapper and every little girl was in love with him. Well I am excited, cause I love bad taste, trash and 80s aerobic style.Just trow everything together, mix it with some thrifted stuff and a piece from your mums closet, put on make-up your never dare to wear or just get a new identity for the evening.

I got a lot of stuff that is appropriated for my outfit for wednesday, but I wanted to give a little inspiration to you. So I looked trough some plus size stores to find all the neon colored things, that are between really amazing and awful, at least when you combine them. The main thing is to mix it up! I also love tracksuits from you dad, sweat bands, chunky trainers, funky sunglasses and net things.