Tips on Lingerie for Chubby

Details how lace and embroidery leave bolder pieces, even without losing the comfort

The plus size fashion is investing more and more in beautiful pieces and full of details that add value to the female body. In the case of lingerie, one of the main difficulties for women was to find pieces that unite comfort and sensuality.

But this is beginning to change and in wholesaleably there are many new models of lingerie . For Renata Poskus, founder and Director of Fashion Weekend Plus Size and author of the blog piece of meat, it is important to note some of the details in time to choose a lingerie. “It is not possible to enlarge a skinny panties and think that will be perfect for a chubby,” he says.

According to her, one of the main points is the modeling, you need to be well studied. “We cannot, we like to eventually show the butt. But the panty liner should be wide enough not to be uncomfortable. Also we like to hold my little belly “, explains the blogger who also subscribes to a collection of lingerie to the hallmark Glimpse. With the bra is the same thing. “He must have handles and the side, below the arm, too. The choice of fabrics, the rim and bulge must also be special “.

Tips on Lingerie for Chubby

Panties and bras to fatties: how to choose

One of the differences of the pieces should take into account the pattern. For Bras, Renata elects top models, with a strip of fabric below the rim, thinking well in women with breasts. “This tissue range ensures even more safety and sinus support. But it’s very delicate, Lacy, a charm. The same with the corset and body, both with fabric firm that values the silhouette, but with the income giving the special touch, “he says.

Enhance the breasts

The firmness of the Bras is also important. “A steady, structured BRA, padded, reinforced rim, the side and wide straps ensures more support, security and leaves the lap much nicer. And it is this trust that makes the sexiest woman. She feels powerful, “he says.

Cover up tummy

For the panties, she indicates the hot pant. “It’s a beautiful and sexy, because the visual of the pin-ups. And it is a model that marks well the waist, as well as smooth the tummy. You’re cute “.

Beauty and self-esteem

Renata says she felt a lot of difficulty when buying lingerie. “I always wanted to wear a thong sexy, beautiful, Lacy, to let my butt on display, but to stay comfortable and cover well to the front. I’ve never met, “he says.

“Lingerie is just an add-on, but which can exert strong influence on self-esteem. My tip is that the woman in the first place, love. I, for example, always come out with a nice lingerie under your clothes. And even without anyone seeing, just by the fact that I know that I have a nice lingerie, makes me feel sexier, “he concludes.