Tips for Online Dating

In their first products Karolina has falling in love in the age of a humorous look illuminated internet. As announced, here is the sincere advice that she has collected from a rich pool of experience:

1. Set up the right portal

Choosing the right online dating site is an important factor. Released to his profile on one side, which is oriented towards an easy breezy audience, the singles are less likely to look there for a serious partnership. Conversely, you can also by a “reputable” page not expect there operate only men with marriage intentions.

can summarized rough one but already stated that sites like “PARSHIP” or “Elite Partner” and other fee-based portals attract more candidates with serious intentions. All the more so as the subscription is not level for nothing and Jokers are deterred by it. One can be profile depending on financial opportunities, enable online on several dating sites.

A good overview of the many portals, the platform provides network winner. There you will find all sorts of portals extensively described and clean graphical at a glance. For the online dating there is an extra section: single markets compared. Especially when you’re just getting started, which gives a good overview. Just because maybe your girlfriend on Platform A had interesting dates, that does not mean that you will also happen.

Perhaps you have also secretly very different wishes and ideas on a new partner who else find a better matching. There you will find, for example, single trips or special topics like Dating for Christians and of course that will be presented, where people meet with explicit sexual intentions.

If you decided, it comes to the actual work:

2. The company’s profile

If one has the right platform (or several) chosen for themselves, you have to bring up their profile. One would do well to give in the description of their own personality trouble and refrain from platitudes. One would still stand out from the monotony of ads something. Phrases like “I go like good food” are not very informative. Better are individual statements like “I’m dying for sushi. For Mexicans You may like to go with your mates “.

If certain circumstances, the choice of partners strongly influence, then this one should necessarily also been mentioned in the advertisement, such as animal hair allergies. The partnership between an animal hair allergy and a dog owner, I think – even if the very absolute sounds – for quite hopeless.
Otherwise, the whole is not deadly serious. Man (n) may like to distinguish the two ad text that woman is humorous.

3. The Photo

On some platforms, the own image is anonymous and you can unlock only certain people. The ads are directly connected with public photo on other channels. For both versions the following applies:

  1. Multiple photos in different situations work better than just one.
  2. The photos should have an authentic, not made. Let a friend or even a professional photographer make pretty pictures in different scenes of you.
  3. Very important: The photos must be up to date!
  4. Also very important: The photos should represent you “honest”. This is especially true for us curvy women. A photo that makes us appear much slimmer than we are (eg a selfie from above), only postpones the moment of truth.

It is simply a fact that the acquaintance strongly influenced visually, and the tastes are different. Presented to you as you are, then men will feel concerned that you so love as you are. Whoever finds this all too superficial, let me tell you that just simply running Internet Dating way.

4. disclosure of contact

Be careful with disclosing any details. If ye urged own data reveal, while the man holds his information behind the mountain: Stay away! Here mE quit applies pro quo and the man should emerge first from anonymity. Call me old fashioned, but I see that.
Girls, leave you on your instinct. If you found something funny, so it is the most well. It is also advisable to give an email address known that you have created specifically for handling the Internet. Also serving their own privacy.

5. Chatting, emailing, telephoning

The first contact filaments are attached, one is sympathetic, exchange private mail address or phone numbers. During a telephone conversation a feeling of familiarity, perhaps even tingly inside. That’s nice, but also carries the same dangers.

If one out hesitates becoming acquainted too long, the result is in the imagination, a dream man to whom no real man can approach. Conversely, the same applies. Although the calls are still so beautiful and there is a fear that the whole virtual infatuation could be over in an acquaintance with one blow, so you should still envisage the meeting as soon as possible. Only with a personal to meet can determine if the chemistry is right. Sometimes it is not true, beautiful phone calls or not.

6. The first acquaintance

The first meeting should take place in a public place. Home not him home with and not with you. Although with telephone calls and emails long near arises, it is yet in spite of all a stranger and you should keep in mind.
If it appears that man in the cafe as a likeable person, you can organize the second meeting in a more personal place. But even in this case, I recommend to leave the address and the name of the man with a friend and arrange that one presents himself to her, to tell that everything is ok. Call me paranoid. Dear paranoid than buried in a lonely forest.

7. Conclusion

Even if you follow all the tips, love is just a matter of luck. But as the saying goes? A guy thing. The more opportunities you create, the better and to also Internet Dates may belong.

8. 36 Questions

Do not forget to take the 36 questions to fall in love. Allegedly satisfy 36 questions and a 4-minute eye contact, to fall in love with his counterpart. Had I known this earlier times

Welcome, your Karolina

PS: My husband I incidentally met on the Internet. It was felt the 1000th Date. Remain dran is the motto.