Tine Wittler Fashion

Tine Wittler makes fashion? Actually even for a while. Most know it safely through various setup shows on RTL, also there were times fit an online shop with home accessories. Thus it would appear to be but only once over. For many years makes Tine also in fashion:

Until now, our own creations that have been tailored in her studio in Hamburg Ottensen and were adjusted with a direct tailoring to customers on the body. Only those parts cost, at least if you do not restore in the Far East.

UPDATE to Tine Wittler Store:

The online store of Tine Wittler was adjusted. The Kiyonna clothes from the USA you get even at navabi – Designer fashion from size 42

Who cares beyond for beautiful clothes in larger sizes, check it out at the vintage stores, including our site

More shops can be found in Germany’s largest plus size buying. There you will also find more vintage and rock shops at Intershippingrates.

As a plus size model, tine Wittler has upped the ante and set up a new online shop, the King Queens. There she offers something that is a good thing for many plump women in Germany: clothes from the USA. This is so interesting because the shipping is from Germany, the product is therefore stored on site in Hamburg and sent from there and of course the duty costs and all the effort, which is often associated with it disappear. Of course, the clothes are at also a one. For example, there are super wrap dresses that are almost all women with curves.

With addition Releases tights up to size 62, and although times colored and opaque. Whether the hand warmer, one of Tines identification you like, is a matter of taste. They are in any case with offered, as well as a small selection of Shapewear.

In Tine Wittler you get the fashion of Kiyonna, IGIGI and continue the customization. The focus is clearly the clothes. For both day and evening. There are casual clothes that are suitable for the business, to the long evening dress. Recently, look there also the first own “King Queens” dress. So to speak Tine Wittler fashion of the rod.

And pssst: from the end of the year there in Hamburg also a shop with adjoining studio and Cafe!. Until then, you can do Schedules and try the clothes in their current premises in Hamburg Altona or shopping online just.

About Tine Wittler:

Tine was born as Christine 1973 in Westphalia.
She is the author, television show host and operates a peculiar bar in Hamburg.
Soon also with a café, a club room and suite shop for her label “King Queens”