This Vogue Cover Girl Is Curvy!

Hello! Who graced the cover of American Vogue of März there? It is the pop diva Adele Laurie blue Adkins or short: Adele. She was photographed by Annie Leibovitz photography legend in the style of a pre raphaelitischen lady who more resemble paintings do not like photos pictures. In the accompanying vogue Interview gives Adele a lot of themselves and their family price. The last time she was photographed for the cover of Vogue, was it 2009. In the same year in which her at the Grammy Awards the prize for “best Femals pop vocal performance” and won “Best New Artist”.This price something unexpectedly met her – because she had already pulled out their Manolo Blahnik high heels , loosened the belt her dress and a handful of gum in my mouth. In this state of surprise, she walked barefoot on the stage and the rest is now history. And yet something wonderful has happened since: she gave birth to a son, Angelo. He is now two years old. She took a break, is to be for their small family;even before the third album was ever intended.

Adele writes her songs in the old fashioned way, namely in a notebook. On the title of each memo booklet, she writes her age. In this case “25”. What was known to be the title of their third album. In the interview in vogue is Adele wonderfully open and says: “I like myself more than ever. I feel comfortable in my skin. I like my look of who I am, I like everyone, as I myself am. Clearly, I am also unsure, but these uncertainties do not restrain myself.” Adele humor and that has really reflected in the manner as she talks about himself. She laughs about her “bum Chinese:” (Po Chin), their “intense forehead” and their potato finger.

To be simply fit for the upcoming tour of the world, it has put some habits and hence kilos. She has stopped smoking, avoiding certain foods and drinks to conserve her voice and has almost completely stopped drinking alcohol.

Those who want the whole interview on the subjects of famous being, motherhood and why you never hear their own songs, looks best in the March issue of American Vogue. We wish you much pleasure with the photos.