This Is How You Style The All-White Look

An outfit in white-that works with whatever size of the dress and contrary to all dictations that the fashion world pretends. How you combine the all-white look (even at cooler temperatures), stylist Stephanie Pasche from “Dress it Curvy”.

Again and again women are given us with great sizes, there are clothes orders to which we should adhere. One of these supposed modalities for plus-size women is that only black clothing is beneficial. The reality is quite different.

In the plus-size industry, there is currently a lot in the right direction. You do not have to cover your curves in dark nuances, but you can accentuate them with the right clothes and put them into the stage. My self-experiment?
An all-white look-to prove that.

My Interpretation

When I approach a new styling, it is my first priority that I feel 100% in the outfit, because that is the only way I can radiate it outwards. So I choose a comfortable piece of clothing, which is the basis of my look and build on the complete styling. In my all-white styling, I choose a white jeans, because it is in autumn together with different layers and in summer to the casual shirt the perfect companion for a successful outfit all white.

In my autumnal variant, I combine a white blouse with a blouse, which is cut long and loosely over the jeansbund and by its length loosely the Po as well as the belly area loosely. For a modern layer look (which I find particularly stylish this season), I combine jeans and blouse with a shorter transition jacket – I love the game with different lengths.

My Top Tips For The Perfect All-White Look

  1. Select Statement Accessories:

If the outfit consists only of one shade, you can also choose eye-catching models for the jewelery and accessory selection. I combine with my look a statement chain to the blouse, because it is placed under the collar looks particularly nice and gives the outfit a color accent. Also a colorful bag would be a nice addition.

  1. Make The All-White Look Winter-Ready:

For cold temperatures, coat, scarf as well as a cap are essential.  An outfit in white is particularly beautiful when wearing a coat & co. In offwhite. This gives the look a second nuance, but one remains in the same color family.

  1. Choose a coherent footwear:

In the fall, I like the all-white look with silver-colored sneakers. They act as an eye-catcher to the uniform outfit, are comfortable and form a calm overall picture.White and light natural colors also fit perfectly. For colder times, suede ankle boots would be a welcome change in an earth tone.