Thickness Mode

Meanwhile there are many deals thick fashion. This has an even more embarrassing. It’s just how it is, and the providers have increasingly the signs of the time and especially the business thunderstorm. Thickness is fashion designer fashion, special styles like rockabilly, bridal wear, lingerie and outdoor clothing and of course ordinary clothes up to size 64th

To bring some order into the diversity that exists in XL fashion, we have our overview in different categories divided.

  • Online stores from Germany
  • Online shops internationally (usually with German side and shipping from Germany)
  • Oversize shops – Sorted by location
  • Thickness fashion: as something ­čśë heard underneath our lingerie department
  • And for people with big feet or strong legs: Oversize shoes.

The most important shopping for plus size dresses┬áis that you know yourself well. One should have in sense of what the individual character really is and not just “big” buy. What are my strengths? What I would like to highlight where you want the view first migrate towards and where, rather than second, or not? Many fat people make when buying clothes the mistake that they simply buy large, without regard to their proportion.

But everyone has a character, whether it now a broad or narrow silhouette is and this is not just fat but the individual areas are in a relationship.

Who here still pent-up demand has, clicks on our figure forms. There are tips and tricks for determining the character type. Those who can not imagine, sometimes to try something else than only what it has already bought anyway, can be inspired on this website from another in the outfits or street styles with thicker fashion.

Thickness Mode overall are becoming more and thanks to the Internet. Nevertheless, it would be nice if more would be offered in the stationary retail. Triangle example is the Oversize brand S. Oliver, in the German cities, it exists rare.