Thick-Sex on TV: Brave Series Star Struggles Against Shitstorm

In a series of”Empire” recently released in America, Gabourey’s character Becky Sex has starred with the rapper J Poppa.  A courageous twist, because Gabourey Sidibe is already a very curvy woman. 

But also curvy women have fun at life-and sex! This is shown by the US series in the new episode, which is actually only the normal life.

But some viewers can not deal with the real life and mob about on Twitter rum:”Now I’m fed up with’Empire'” writes one. Another said Becky should take a room, and quite badly educated people even write, she looks in the scene”like a swamped seal.”

Actress Gabourey Sidibe does not mind the Shitstorm

And what makes the actress who has to endure all the mockery? She is quite relaxed! At least, she reacts like this: In a column in the US magazine”Entertainment Weekly” she writes how little she is disturbed by the bad comments:

“I, a black plus-size woman, had a sex scene at the best time had more fun than ever before, even when I was nervous, but I felt sexy and handsome, feeling like I was doing a good job.”

So far so good. But she also turns directly to her”critics”:”I always hear people hate the scene, I do not understand how someone can hate love, but okay, you have your fun, to be honest I’m too busy anyway,”

Such a serenity can only be a good example for us all: in the end, it is just important that we feel good about ourselves!